Reveals 3 Ways to Push Acne Hidden Skin Up The Most Effective
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What Causes Hidden Acne? Reveals 3 Ways to Push Acne Under The Skin Up Safely, Most Effective.

 Reveals 3 Ways to Push Acne Hidden Under The Skin Effectively

Reveals 3 Ways to Push Acne Hidden Under The Skin Effectively

To help you can remove hidden acne easily, the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Will suggest 3 effective ways to push hidden acne under the skin. Now let's find out what is the best solution for your current situation!

Reveals 3 Ways to Push Acne Hidden Under The Skin Effectively

Hidden pimples - fear of no one else

Unlike other types of acne, acne is hidden under the surface of the skin causing your skin to become rough but also easy to enlarge pores, causing scarring of the basket, dark acne if not detected and treated promptly. . This makes you lose confidence when communicating as well as struggling in makeup to cover up these ugly hidden acne.

You can detect hidden acne clearly when washing your face, the skin looks minuscule but when touched, you will see noticeable roughness under the skin. Acne is hidden under the skin so it is difficult to treat it completely. So how to effectively push acne hidden under the skin?

3 most popular ways to push acne under the skin today

Option 1: Cover the mask from natural ingredients

Masking is a popular way that many girls love and choose because it is easy to do but also good for the skin. You can use some types of natural masks that promote acne to pop up quickly such as turmeric + yogurt mask, green tea mask, red bean paste mask, oatmeal mask or rice bran.


  • These are all natural ingredients, no harmful substances or side effects like chemical cosmetics, and also very gentle on the skin.
  • Cost saving, easy to implement at home and not take too much time.

To achieve the maximum effect you need to combine with a nutritious, reasonable diet and especially need perseverance for a long time to get the best effect. Therefore, although easy to implement and have positive results, many women are discouraged to give up due to the slow effect time.

+ Note: Whether or not to Acne Hidden Under The Skin

Method 2: Push acne with lettuce

It can be said that lettuce is not only an aromatic herb that comes with family meals, it also has the ability to treat acne hidden beneath the skin very well. Lettuce leaves have antibacterial essences, which create resistance and cooling the skin from which can effectively prevent acne.

To treat acne with lettuce you need to prepare as follows:

Ingredients: 5-10 leaves of lettuce, then crushed with a little water or you can puree and filter the residue.

how to push acne hidden under the skin up

How to do it: First, you need to clean your face clean with warm water to remove sebum and dirt and make your pores dilate. Next, use a puree of lettuce or lettuce juice to apply on the face, especially those with acne or bruises. Then lie down for 15-30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. After using this method 3 times / week, consistently using for a month, you will see a marked change in your acne skin.

+ Note: Perpetrators Causing Hidden Acne And Effective Treatment

Method 3: Egg white

The last solution that cannot be mentioned when using the hidden acne mask is chicken egg white. This mask has the effect of speeding up the acne process but also makes your skin more smooth and bright white.

Ingredients: egg whites combined with strong oatmeal, lemon juice in the ratio of 1: 2: 3 you have a very effective acne mask mask. You should remember to do it twice a week regularly to get the best results.

how to push acne hidden under the skin up

+ Note: Skin Care After Squeezing How?

If you persevere with the 3 methods of pushing hidden acne on the skin shared above, surely you will improve acne skin markedly. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Believe you will eliminate acne hiding under the skin and regain confidence and youthful for yourself.

In case you want to quickly treat acne hidden under the skin, you can come up with Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. We will conduct an examination, determine the current situation and offer the best solution for you. All acne - light skin - smooth are the commitments from Miss Tram. And certainly your condition will improve in the first treatment.

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