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Which acne treatment is right for your skin?

You need to know: It's Not Just Using The Expensive Method Is Out of Acne

Each type of acne has a different treatment, the body and blood of each person is also different. Men and women need different treatment. Therefore, you need to know your condition to avoid


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Owning a beautiful skin is the desire of all of us. However, acne is one of the common skin problems that make you nervous and lack confidence in communication.

In this article, Dermatologist at Miss Tram Will consult directly about common acne skin conditions with different types of acne, thereby helping you find out Acne skin treatments Save - Promptly - Safe and Effective.

Video describing acne taking (with common minor acne types):

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What are the main causes and factors of acne?

The cause comes from within:

Entering puberty, the increased sex hormones make the sebaceous gland active thereby clogging pores. In addition, a few years before menopause, some women in their forties and fifties may develop acne due to the abnormal amount of hormone.

Stress, prolonged stress, lack of sleep

A diet high in sugar, high in fat and hot spicy causes body heat

Due to genetics

The cause is from the outside:

Dusty environment makes bacteria accumulate on skin that is not cleaned

Due to changing water sources

Facial cleanser, lotion, lotion, care mask, sunscreen etc ...

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Acne forms and develops quickly if not treated promptly


Acne Bran

Saigon Acne Addresses Are "Ear-Ear" Girls -
Acne spots are tiny dots, appearing on many areas of the nose, chin, cheeks making your skin rough and less smooth.


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+ This is a common type of acne and easy to see in skin types. Blackheads are caused by a mixture of lubricants, dirt and dead skin cells on the face. Human blackheads are usually hard seeds.

+ Blackheads are usually concentrated in the T-zone and the cheeks near the nose. Long-lasting blackheads will make your pores bigger.


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+ Whiteheads are basically the same as blackheads, the only difference is that whiteheads do not open pores but clogged pores, because they are not exposed to air, so they do not change the color of acne to black.


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+ Sebaceous fiber is actually not a form of acne, but because it is quite similar, many people are confused.

+ Sebaceous fibers are formed by a mixture of bacteria, sebaceous lipids and dead cells around hair follicles. Sebaceous fibers are quite similar to whiteheads but when removed, they are small, long and white fibers without acne.

+ Sebaceous fibers are common in the chin area under the lips and 2 sides of the nose. If you have normal skin, you will not see sebaceous fibers but when you stretch the skin, you see the white heads growing next to each other. After the sebum is removed, the pores containing the sebum will be filled in accordance with the skin replacement cycle.

Pustules Hides Under Skin

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+ This type of acne develops when the blackheads and whiteheads are inflamed, forming small red or pink acne spots on the skin, often no visible acne heads. Others hide deep under the skin, making it difficult to see outside unless the skin is stretched or a facelight is clearly visible.

+ This type of acne is very sensitive to the touch, if you squeeze or squeeze the acne will make the inflammation worse and can lead to scarring.

Acne, Acne

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+ Acne acne is a new development of hidden acne. Identification characteristics quite similar to whiteheads with red surrounds and swelling. The bump often has a lot of white or yellow pus inside it should look quite large.

+ Absolutely not molding until the white head appears clearly. Moreover, this is only the stage when acne is nearly ripe, if squeezing does not clear the core, it will make the infection worse, and spread to the adjacent skin.

Headless Acne

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+ Acne is much more serious than pustules, acne develops deep inside the skin and is very painful when formed. The most obvious manifestation is a large acne, hard inflammation upon touch and no visible acne.

Eel Acne

+ This is the most serious form of acne acne. Cysts are very large, forming in patches, filled with pus deep inside the skin and quite soft, looking like boils.

+ Like acne, eel acne is very painful if accidentally touched. The risk of scarring, even pitted scars is very high

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Endocrine Acne

+ Hormonal acne is not fixed in any of the above acne types. However, we can identify endocrine acne by its location and its return cycle. Hormonal acne usually grows around the mouth, chin and jaw along with other locations.

+ Here are some locations for hormonal acne, which will reveal to you better understand some of the problems of the body being "alert" acne.

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Above are 9 common types of acne, from which you can completely outline the situation of acne that you are experiencing right at home.

Acne 1: Acne is mild

+ Bran acne, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous fibers and endocrine acne are listed as mild acne by acne is not deep or inflamed. However, for endocrine acne, if the condition is recurrent and inflamed, it is a serious acne that needs timely treatment.

•• Advice: Keep skin clean, exfoliate regularly and maintain the habit of getting old acne from 7-10 days / time to remove horny skin layer to help skin clear.

•• Appropriate treatment: You can choose from several methods:

••• Get acne cores, suck bran acne, blackheads

•• Intensive skin care

Please experience acne, dark skin regeneration at Spa Miss Tram

Hygiene to remove acne bran helps to clean bran acne, blackheads

Duration of treatment: Maintain care 7 - 10 days / time

Cost: From 50,000 VND - 250,000 VND (~2.5-12$) / time depending on the facility

Acne 2: Acne is severe

+ Acne lumps under the skin, headless pustules, cystic acne are types of acne listed on the list of severe acne.

•• Advice: You should go to reputable establishments to be consulted by a Therapist on a timely, safe and effective treatment with the current skin condition. For as long as the bacteria invade deep under the skin will make large inflamed acne will take time and cost of treatment, and leave scars concave aesthetic loss.

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You should go to reputable facilities for timely skin examination

•• Appropriate treatment:

••• Apply acne cream, take antibiotics

•••• Advantages:

Reduce acne quickly if your skin matches acne cream or your body adapts to antibiotics.

•••• Defect:

+ After stopping the cream or all the acne medication regimen will regain worse than the original.

+ The skin gradually resist to acne cream if applied to maintain for too long

+ Taking antibiotics makes your body tired, hot body temperature, dry lips peeling and affecting health

If antibiotics take longer than the prescribed time limit.

Cost: From 300,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND (~15-50$) / time depending on the facility

••• Treat acne with Green Laser / Blue Light Technology, Oxy Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology

•••• Advantages:

+ Solve acne situation in a short time, biological light helps destroy acne, destroy bacteria, relieve congestion of pores - the source of acne production, reduce inflammation.

+ Easily control newly formed acne spots

+ Treatment costs are quite cheap, suitable for all ages

•••• Defect: Solve acne on the skin surface only. You should maintain regular skin care to control new acne as soon as possible.


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Duration of treatment: From 3 - 10 times depending on the skin situation

Cost: From 350,000 VND - 1,500,000 VND (~17-75$) / time depending on the facility

••• Treat acne with Fractional CO2 laser activation technology

•••• Advantages:

+ Laser Fractional CO2 micro-activation technology is a technological breakthrough in the field of restoration and treatment of acne-pitted skin. With a wavelength of 10,600 nm, it can penetrate deep into the dermis without invading the surrounding healthy skin.

+ Eliminate acne causing bacteria, regulate mucus on skin and antibacterial.

+ CO2 laser helps stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill the area of acne scars, while also improving facial skin problems, helping skin firmness, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smooth and younger skin.

+ Not only clear acne treatment, but also help smooth white skin, tighten pores and regenerate healthy skin.

+ The level of acne recurrence is low and minimizing the appearance of acne when it recurs.

Acne Treatment With Micro-Shocking Technology Effectively
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•••• Defect:

+ Treatment effect depends on the machine generation of each facility and the treatment product after activating the micro points.

+ Treatment costs are quite high compared to conventional acne treatment.

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Duration of treatment: From 1-5 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 2,000,000 VND - 6,000,000 VND (~100-300$) / time depending on the facility

• Group 3: Acne is very severe

Eel acne is the most severe type of acne. For this acne situation, you should quickly go to reputable facilities, dermatological hospitals to be examined and examined as soon as possible to help inhibit oily glands. You cannot prolong or maintain this acne treatment with common acne medications and natural facial remedies. Because the acne root is now deep in the skin, persistent pus creates an outer epidermis, unable to completely eliminate acne and can make acne more developed. Worse, the skin may become infected.



Acne treatments: Dermatologists should examine the level of inflammation and then prescribe oral medication along with external treatment to suit each condition.

Duration of treatment: From 3 - 6 months

Cost: From 10,000,000 VND (~500$) (Depending on skin condition and treatment facility)

Above, the Dermatologist at Miss Tram has helped you to learn the most general about each type of acne and current treatments.

Thereby, depending on your current skin condition through 1 of 9 types of acne above, you should choose for yourself the timely treatment method to save the cost and time of treatment.

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[Frequently Asked Questions When Treating Acne]

Question 1: Hi sister, I have acne since puberty up until now 22 years old, I also go to treatment in many places but do not know why?

Welcome, here are some factors that make your acne situation not improve:

+ Do not completely solve the problem of oily skin

+ Do not advise acne treatment properly

+ Not following the right treatment

+ Do not re-examine acne situation on time

+ Arbitrarily squeezing acne, getting acne wrong way

+ Treatment of acne at poor quality addresses

+ Maintain bad habits: stay up late, eat hot food, or touch pimples

After checking to confirm the cause, you should go directly to the Center for a free skin examination and analysis. From there, the Dermatologist at the Center will help you have the most accurate treatment regimen! I see your share of questions like E:

Question 2: I was introduced to Miss Tram's treatment, let me ask my skin will only take a long time to acne but leave a very long intensive, so which treatment should I follow?

Hi, in my case, I can choose High-Tech Acne Treatments such as Green Laser / Blue Light, Oxy Jet Technology, etc. to help control acne as soon as it forms. As I have advised above, this is a method to improve the skin quite quickly and save you money!

Question 3: I used to treat acne with Fractional CO2 Laser at Facility A but the results were not satisfactory. I find myself doing this method as well, but the results as you guys share are beautiful but I don't know whats really worried.

Dear E, as you said above, although the same method of treatment, but depending on the model of the machine, the origin of the machine, laser power when treating, skilled professionals and most importantly, the combined Products When activating the micro-points are the decisive factors to the results after doing.

At Miss Tram, the Center for Application of Fractional CO2 Laser Activation Technology combined with the exclusive Oriental Medicine Recipes helps stimulate collagen proliferating tissue to fill the area of acne scars, while improving facial skin problems, Helps firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smooth skin and younger.

Fractional CO2 laser stimulates micro-points to remove rough skin cells from outside the skin, increasing collagen to help skin accelerate the regeneration process.

Combining Eastern Herbal Medicine with traditional medicine, penetrating deeply into each acne area, helping to treat acne safely and naturally for long time.

Safe for all skin types, short treatment time, no downtime.

Improves oily, acne, skin color, dim spots, bright, white, pink skin.

Long lasting effect, prevent acne from returning.

In addition, if E is worried that the image I edited is unrealistic, I will take the time to visit the Center to see if you have been treated or not to worry!

And here is the sharing of Ms. Lua after finishing the procedure,

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Question 4: Let me ask if acne has all gone to the root and after acne all have been relapsed?

Hi E, the treatment of radical acne is the concept of eliminating the root cause of the current acne situation of E. Accordingly, before starting the procedure, the Center will examine dermatology and skin analysis for E so that the skin level can be determined and diagnosed with the lowest result after finishing the procedure.

Usually after the end of the course, the level of acne improves from 70 - 98% depending on the condition of acne. In addition, oily condition, pores, sensitivity, concave scars also improve very well.

However, after my skin is beautiful, E should spend time caring to maintain beautiful skin at extremely preferential prices and E can control acne at home according to the instructions of the Center. !

Question 5: I am a student, so the treatment conditions are quite difficult, I wonder if my Center will support students like our acne treatment?

Hi E, E reassured because with over 17 years in the profession, Miss Tram always maintains the acne treatment support program for future generations. All students, students are supported treatment costs from 10 - 20% on the promotion price e!

E arranges study time and weekends to visit, skin examination and skin analysis in a timely manner, the Center will guide E to treat and treat skin appropriately, wish E soon regain confidence with beautiful skin!

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