Foods To Avoid Using After Lip Spray

After Spraying Lips Drink Beer

 After Spraying Lips Drink Beer

After Spraying Lips Drink Beer

Foods To Avoid Using After Lip Spray


Hello experts at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. I'm Thu, 28 years old My lips are quite thin and naturally born, so I really want to tattoo my lips to improve my lips. But I am wondering what to spray lips to diet to get the best results while ensuring health. Also, if I finish spraying, can I drink beer? We wish the counseling center for you.


Hi, thank you for your interest and send us your questions through the beauty advice section with the question "Can lips spray beer?". Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please be answered as follows:

After spraying lips for the first 3-5 days, you should not drink beer or stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, ... because it will make the lips color unnatural, darker and even darken the lips. You should abstain from sending these stimulants to keep the lips fresh, pink, charming and naturally beautiful during the first time after spraying.Food should be avoided after spraying the lips

As you know, spraying lips is a method of beautifying the lips, helping many women to improve their dark, pale lips. However, for the best results after spraying, we also need to take care of the lips after spraying, especially the daily diet. Moreover, after the lip and ink spray situation is not really stable, so avoiding alcohol such as alcohol is necessary.

In addition, the tattoo on the surface of the lip skin, although not harmful to the lips, will leave small wounds. However, there are some foods that we use every day that will make these wounds difficult to heal and may not create a beautiful color for the lips.

How To Spray The Lip Doesn't Swell

By the way, Miss Tram also wants to remind you of the foods that should be used after limiting.

  • Abstain from beef and eggs

Usually about 2-3 days after spraying, lips will begin to flake. You absolutely must not arbitrarily peel the scales but let the lips peel off naturally. In a period of 1 month for lip color can stabilize and color is beautiful, beef and eggs are two foods you should avoid after spraying lips.

Because the substances contained in these two foods will make your lip color uneven, be stained. In addition, eating beef makes the lips darker, although beef is high in protein, which is good for health, they contain brown pigmentation, which makes the skin lips darken quickly, hindering the process of color.

  • Abstain from stimulants

After spraying lips you should not drink coffee or other drinks containing stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tea ... All of them include a dose of caffeine, which will hinder blood circulation. When blood flow unevenly leads to lip color is not as good as you want.

In addition, coffee with brown when absorbed into the skin is also easier to make lips darker than pink, orange or red ... So, the best to have natural beautiful lips, you try to limit the habit of using coffee Coffee at least 1 month offline! After 1 month, you should drink a small amount because your lips are still continuing in the process of coloring.

  • Fasting eat seafood, fishy

Top foods to avoid using after spraying lipsTanh or shrimp, crabs, crabs will cause itchy skin lips that make you uncomfortable, so for the safest we should abstain from these seafood.

Because seafood contains a lot of protein (protein) ... making the unstable skin itchy, even inflamed, inflamed. After 1 month, the lips will have a better color standard, less affected by external factors, then you can eat the above foods.

  • Abstain from eating chicken

You should not eat chicken after spraying lips for at least 2 weeks because the skin of the chicken can cause soreness, itchiness in the lips just beautiful. Eating chicken will increase the risk of scratching due to itching, rubbing and hurting by the newly sensitive lips.

Choose the Lip Spray Method That Is Right For You

In addition to abstaining from the above foods, after spraying the lips we should pay extra attention as:

  • Do not touch your lips on your own.
  • Avoid contact with lips for 1 -3 days after spraying. This is also one of the tips to spray lips should abstain to help the lips recover faster.
  • Apply vaseline to make lips soft and plump.
  • Wear a mask when outdoors to avoid dirt and bacteria.

For lips to spray beautiful and natural you should choose the advanced lip spray technology, as well as a reputable basis to perform. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is proud to be a reliable address, bringing together skilled professionals, modern technology, to help you own the most beautiful lips.

And in particular, we are committed to the quality of 100% sourced tattoo ink from natural herbs that do not contain chemicals that will help lips up the standard color. Come with Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, because we understand what you need and we know how to make you shine better.

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