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Beauty eyebrows: Should choose the eyebrow method that suits you?

* Need to Know Before You Make It: The Difference Between Tattoos, Spray, Embroidery And Sculpting!

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As you know, the more beautiful every day is the desire of all of us, one of which is to make beautiful eyebrows. Because of the constant technology transfer, no matter how much you feel confused and disturbed between the methods Eyebrows - Eyebrows - Embroidery or Sculpture.

You are worried with your face, eyebrows and eyebrows now you should follow the method is Beautiful, natural, gentle and not old age or fierce?

Today, experts at Miss Tram will help you answer any questions in this detailed article.

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1) Eyebrow Tattoos:

Tattoos are a form of aesthetic needles that put a amount of coloring substance under the skin. You can imagine this is the same method as tattoos on the body. The specialist will draw the eyebrow frame first and then use a dedicated needle to pierce through the skin to complete the mold.

Natural beautiful eyebrows make eyebrows how to draw eyebrows curved sculpting eyebrows eyebrow eyebrows way eyebrow manners how to draw natural eyebrows beauty eyebrow methods

♠ Eyebrow tattoo advantages:

+ The eyebrows are bold and in accordance with the prescribed eyebrow frame;

High durability, durable time must be 10 - 20 years;

Low cost of eyebrow

Disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo:

+ The eyebrows are made into 1 squared ink, less natural;

+ Tattoos bold so often tattooed eyebrows you have to accept a little old and face with some evil;

The process of pain, red swelling and need time for relaxation because the needle tattoo deep impact on the dermis of the skin.

Processing time: 100 - 150 minutes.

Cost of implementation: From 500.000 vnđ - 1 million vnđ (depending on the basis, material)

2) Spray Foot:

Spraying eyebrows is an improved technology from the traditional eyebrow tattoo above. However, we need to distinguish the injection of lightly touch the epidermis rather than deep into the dermis as the old method of tattooing eyebrows. Nowadays, there are many names as well as innovative technology from spray such as spray mousse, spray ombre, ...

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Advantages of eyebrow spray method:

Small needle tip, high speed sprayer and needle stick only light touch on the skin so absolutely no swelling or pain;

+ The eyebrow after spraying is soft, smooth and more elegant than the old tattoo technology before;

+ Spray eyebrows suitable for girls often make-up by the youthful sharpness, easy to change the color to fit. matching with hair color;

+ Color fasteners are also suitable, usually fluctuating from 1 - 5 years depending on the quality of ink.

Top of the address is the most beautiful sculpting eyebrow TP. HCM - Top of eyebrow sculpting / spraying / embroidery site in Saigon

Eyebrows match the girlfriend often make up

Disadvantages of eyebrow spray method:

+ You must find the right address to spray the reputation and good experts because it will be easy to mistake with the old tattoo technology;

+ Only suitable for you like sharp, regular makeup;

+ If your eyebrows are not enough, low light, you will feel rough, lack of harmony.

Processing time: 45 - 120 minutes.

Cost of implementation: 1.000.000vnđ - 3.000.000vnđ (depending on the basis, ink quality)

3) Eyebrow Embroidery:

Embroidery is a traditional method of making eyebrows that has been around for a long time. The use of the machine has a super needle to put ink into the skin. An expert will put the needle in the shape of a designated eyebrow, making each stripe line interspersed with your real eyebrows.

Spray Eyebrow Sculpture Embroidery Beauty Salon Embroidery, Eyebrow sculpting HCMC

Advantages when making embroidery eyebrows:

+ The eyebrows are gentle, still retain the natural eyebrows;

+ Satisfy your desire with suitable eyebrows and many fibers;

+ Small needles only light effects on the epidermis should not cause pain.

Disadvantages of embroidering eyebrows:

Embroidery yarn is also hard, usually the difference compared to the real eyebrows;

+ Suitable only for the eyebrows with eyebrows pretty much or large eyebrows when the intercourse will be natural. For those with eyebrows thin, embroidery still leaves a rough feel on the face;

Embroidery needles make up the stripes in a certain direction, each with a long stripe from the tip to the tail, no interlacing of the natural eyebrows.

Processing time: 60 - 120 minutes.

Cost of implementation: 1.500.000vnđ - 3.500.000 vnđ (depending on the basis)

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4) Foot Sculpture:

Sculpting eyebrows is the method of making eyebrows most aesthetic today. Accordingly, the specialist will use the special knife with a knife to bring ultra-small ink to the skin, carved each meticulous and interwoven natural as real.

Some countries also call this technique Microblading or Embroidery technique is also an Embroidery though Embroidery means.

Currently, the European-made Phibrows eyebrow sculpture is taking every advantage of nature. This technology is also known as 9D Sculpture or Eyebrow Sculpture as you always hear.Top of the eyebrow sculpting / spraying / embroidery site in Saigon - Sculpting Foot Sculpting Yarn 5D Ho Chi Minh City's Prestigious Eyebrow Sculpture

Advantages when choosing foot sculpture:

The eyebrow sculpture will give each eyebrow a real eyebrow, with the color and size of your own natural eyebrows, with a slightly larger, slightly sloping mid section and a tapered tail. Fine, each eyebrow sculpture is interwoven with the eyebrows, so you can hardly recognize after doing.

+ Use of specialized equipment should deactivate and sterilize tools more easily.

+ With this modern eyebrow sculpture technique, experts can control the shallow depth on each ink so it is not invasive, painless swelling, no need to spend time relaxing.If Want To Spray / Embroidery / Sculpture Brow, Don't Forget 6 Address

Sculpted natural eyebrows as soon as they are done, no swelling or pain

+ The color of ink is of natural origin, passed the rigorous testing, no iron oxide. Therefore, it will not be green, reddish by time and still retain the natural dark brown color, not irritating, suitable for all skin types.

+ The technology is not only beautiful but men are safe to choose because of natural beauty.

Question and answer: Where is the beauty of your eyebrows beautiful in Saigon?

Disadvantages of eyebrow sculpture:

+ You must choose a reputable institution with a good specialist, experienced new techniques and aesthetic beauty in the face of your face gold;

+ Cost is higher than the other methods, in return you get a perfect eyebrow, durable (depending on the quality of ink) because if done technically but the quality of ink is not high strength is only about 6 month - 1.5 years.

Processing time: 45 - 120 minutes.

Cost of implementation: 3.000.000vnđ - 6.000.000vnđ (depending on the basis, inks and care policies)

RESULTS OF HEART DISEASE After the performance at Miss Tram Spa: The eyebrow with thickness - moderately thin, the folding is carefully trimmed to Ensure 4 elements: romantic, luxurious, sexy and full of charm. Extremely feminine eyebrows to match the feminine look of the West & catch the trend!

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So we have come to the full advantage and disadvantage of the current eyebrow cosmetic methods. Here are some eyebrow designs you can refer to:

Where to sculpt beautiful eyebrows beautiful address tphcm sculpture beautiful eyebrows in tphcm sculpted eyebrows in sculpted eyebrows in tphcm prestige embroidered eyebrows where beautiful sculptures where eyebrows are the most beautiful

In addition, depending on the frame of each eyebrow of you that before the Expert will consult more closely as well as direct shaping on the face for you to visualize before, and then done.

[Frequently Asked Questions]

1. I have not done the first time, but the first part but missing the tail should do?

Hi, with your eyebrows do not do any time then you can choose between Powder Eyebrow Or Sculpture offline! Both 2 are natural but depending on your preference that can be decided as follows:

If you like a youthful, sharp eyebrow similar to each light makeup, spraying powder is suitable;

If you like to own eyebrows with many natural eyebrows like the real eyebrow, Sculptural eyebrow is great, before you will be advised to design eyebrows in accordance with the standard gold ratio, and then proceed to Make each eyebrow naturally in that frame.

In addition, you can combine Sculpture of the eyebrow + tail tail will meet the desire both natural and sharp young!Where is the most beautiful eyebrow where the eyebrows are beautiful?

2. Have you ever done (tattoos / spray / embroidery) but now want to sculpt the nature?

Hi, with your eyebrows have been tattooed, sprayed or embroidered, depending on the current eyebrow situation that before the consultant will be detailed. Normally there will be 2 alternatives:

If your current ink color is very light, almost only light background is not much can handle the ink suction then sculpture offline! The cost of processing old color ink varies from 1.000.000-3.000.000 depending on the basis and method. Time execution only 45 - 60p is done.

For the foot has made and is still dark color, want to sculpt again, then you should delete 1-2 times to light then sculpture is beautiful. Because the sculpture fiber is very pure, natural and fiber, so if the old color background is still dark, the sculpture will not clear the fiber, but also cause the ink level is unnatural.where is the most beautiful eyebrow where the eyebrows sculpted in the mai where the eyebrows are brightly painted in the eyebrows of li s, do not look at the sculptures of the eyebrows? you always

3. Does your mother hang eyebrows also than 2 months have you made eyebrows?

Hi friend, with your mother's eyebrows after 2 month hanging your eyebrows can proceed to normal no matter what! For the eyebrows hanging will often have scar lines, specialist when doing will do more to create natural, even color for your eyebrows, you peace of mind!

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4. I heard spray sprays will quickly fly color is true?

Hi, because the needle only exposed micro-touch on the surface of the skin should spray paint brows have not high color as the old tattoo method. However, the color fastness of the sprays will depend on the quality of the ink used by each facility. At Miss Tram will have 3 quality ink for you to choose the corresponding color durability can be up to more than 5 you nhé!

With the experience of 15 years in the profession, we are sure to ensure the quality of genuine eyebrow spray. Carefully consult before doing so that you understand what the right solution is for you.

5. Sculpted eyebrows at Miss Tram why have free support times to 1 years?

Our difference is in caring for a loved one in the home.

You need to know that eyebrows are where they are able to change over time (fall, grow). If you are technically, even if the 1 fiber "not standard" is lost to sleep. Understanding that feeling during 1 years, if something makes you feel not as small as you want to darker, add eyebrow or color correction, you can call Miss Tram unlimited number of times and absolutely free of charge!

Beauty Association we are clear from the beginning so good new, but each time to do some odd things do not charge your own money!

6. Currently, many advertising agencies 3D - 6D - 8D - 9D do not know how different?

Hi, 3D technique - 6D - 8D or 9D are techniques to create eyebrows. However, depending on the true eyebrows of each of you that you will be advised on which method is suitable by 4 this technique has a complete difference in naturalness, color and method of making fibers.

More specifically, 3D sculpture will be similar to the old embroidery technology before, the eyebrows are made up of a hard frame with each parallel path is not natural.

Sculpting 6D by machine will not have eyebrow frame as 3D, but the 6D sculpture fiber is still pretty rough, not soft, the distance between the fibers is thin and no natural interlocking.

sculpting where the eyebrows are beautiful sculpting where your eyebrows are most beautiful address sculpting beautiful eyebrows in tphcm

Sculpture 8D is a method of carving fiber from 6D sculpture, but specialists will use specialized engraved knife with a knife to bring ultra-fine ink in a gentle way. The result of 8D sculpture is also highly appreciated by the natural softness, the 8D eyebrows begin to blend but for the eyebrows are not, thin or light, 8D is not a complete choice. good

9D eyebrow sculpture is the method of making eyebrows most aesthetic today. 9D eyebrow sculpture will give each eyebrow a real eyebrow, file with the color and size of your own natural eyebrows with a large, light head and mid-slim, tail section. Fine, each eyebrow sculpture is interwoven with the eyebrows, so you can hardly recognize after doing. This method also gives you a natural look even if your eyebrows are fuzzy, scarred, lacking in tail, absent, or even without eyebrows.

7. Before you make eyebrows at base A but now have color corrected?

Hi, with your eyebrows made and color is the first thing you should handle old colors so that the new Spray or Sculpt will not be color.

At present, the method of eradication or treatment is more advanced so you peace of mind not to leave scars. You should visit Miss Tram to be expert review and comment, absolutely not to the facilities of the bad reputation will be more damaged, lost money, and later hard to repair it again!

For old colors that are faded, then you can handle scattering powder or sculpture are. If the ink is dark can be cleared and then re-done is beautiful!

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8. Do you need to stop eating or rest?

Hello, as above we have come across the method only the eyebrow tattoo on diets such as seafood, beef, eggs, glutinous rice, watermelon, soy sauce, etc. by invasion and damage to the tattoo.

In addition, the remaining methods such as embroidery or sculpture are only touching the outside of the skin so it will not hurt, no need to abstain from food or relaxation! It is important that you choose the right foundation to avoid skin pruritic inflammation due to equipment is not properly disinfected.

9. Why some places make only a few hundred thousand.

Well this is the question that Miss Tram has received quite a lot during the last time. As we all know, the above methods have different prices. In addition, in each method depending on the quality of ink, professional quality that the cost of implementation will not be the same.

You are a smart customer to choose the right basis of performance because his grandfather has the saying "what money of this", once a difficult time, first make eyebrows easy to shape, fast And beautiful, if you do not nice to repair and repair it takes much more time.

Beautiful eyebrows naturally bring confidence to be beautiful

10. Miss Tram, my eyebrows have done over 3 years, now also not very bold. I like splashing powder but do not want to get square eyebrows because of looking evil, hope Center advises me how beautiful!

Greetings, with the foot of the eyebrow made through and sprayed the powder is quite simple because the Expert will process the old ink and ink is new ink. However, as you have learned through, spraying the eyebrows from the beginning to the tail will usually not be natural at the beginning.

Miss Tram has applied Eyebrow Technology the Queen's powder Can meet your desire so you can completely secure your new and natural eyebrows, not square head, just sharp young with quality smooth squid powder. E send to you to see more about this technology offline!

11. Welcome to the center, I am male, in fact, I do not care about my "face" but because of some issues related to feng shui so I learn to make eyebrows. The problem I care most about is the nature, I do not want partners to do business, customers or the opposite person realize my eyebrows are aesthetically frankly said I was "straight male".

Miss Tram welcomes you, with more than 15 years attached to the profession, we met, understood the desire and help for more than 1578 men are more confident in possession of natural eyebrows naturally like eyebrows true .

Accordingly, depending on the needs of customers that specialists in the male eyebrows at the Center will exchange, listen and advise in detail the appropriate method.

6 Gold Criteria Review Beautiful Male Feet

1./ The eyebrows are dark, uniform, straight, not messy, not crooked, and are not cut off.

2./ Beautiful male eyebrows must match, match the face.

3./ The eyebrow color, skin color and hair color match.

4./ The eyebrows show masculinity, but the head of the eyebrows is not wide and hard, the middle part of the eyebrow and tail is uniform.

5./ The distance between the eyebrow part of 2 side is not larger than the width of the nose leg.

6./ The end of the eyebrow must be on the same line as the eye. It has a moderate length, is not dispersed, does not clutter, is equally and has a good curvature.

More important: Men's eyebrows absolutely do not see the eyebrow frame, only cushion the eyebrows you are missing, and some cases need to etch the "thin eyebrows" around the eyebrows to create the natural. In addition, the distance between the eyebrows sculpture must have space of the skin, not sticky or form a toner.

12. Do you ask the black skin should do eyebrows, do not have the eyebrow raised?

HELL E, black no effect on the yarn effect of 9D X-ray sculpting technology E! Before you work as an Expert will help E shape eyebrow standard gold ratio facial, from which meticulously sculpted each eyebrow knit with real eyebrows of E, naturally like the real eyebrows. E worries the dark skin affects the color of the eyebrows but E noticed the fact that many celebrities own dark brown skin still possesses young sharp eyebrows, E peace of mind!

13. Let me ask if you heard that making your eyebrows will shave off your real eyebrows, then spraying or sculpting is true, if you shave your eyebrows, then you probably don't dare to do it because "you are very good" with no beauty, look Just be "shadow" eyebrow?

Hi E, the question of E is an interesting question and there are also many friends who have questions like E. With this question, the Center will answer E as follows: "With the motto to help customers get a couple You are gentle and natural in Miss Tram in particular, taking advantage of customers' real eyebrows is the first priority choice E! Thereby, before working, the technician will conduct an appropriate correction of the eyebrow shape according to the golden ratio of his or her own face. After that, some parts will be trimmed and trimmed. My eyebrows, thanks to keeping my real eyebrows so after doing E will own the natural eyebrows no different from real eyebrows E okay! I'm relieved. ”

With more than 17 years of establishment and development, Miss Tram is proud to be one of the leading pioneers in the field of aesthetics.

Miss Tram Tam Niem: "If you make it beautiful for you, you will introduce your friends and relatives to Miss Tram and Truyen Dau is the most prestigious advertising method."

The team of experts and specialists at Miss Tram always update the modern technology, professional skill training with precision and precise embroidery and embroidery skills to help women be more confident and successful in the competition. living.

Miss Trâm is honored to be voted as a prestige brand, used in 2015

Miss Tram honored to receive the Golden Handpiece awarded by the state in 2016

Director of Miss Tram Spa meets Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh


+ Miss Tram listen Desire and consult your right eyebrow style with your own facial expression, not the flow;

+ Quality ink Made clear from Korea, Germany, Japan, USA - Durable ink 3 - 5 years, colorless oxidation;

+ We are confident professionals LEAVE - EXPERIENCE, spread the heart of the profession;

+ The procedure does not hurt the skin, does not need to be abstinent and does not spend much time resort;

+ Support policy MONOPOLY 1 years - after that, if you want to adjust color or shape as you like within 1 years will be supported FREE 100% unlimited number of times;

+ Customer care Conscientious - Miss Tram always accompanied you from work, prompting for inspection until you Smooth Absolute!

Beautiful eyebrows give you confidence to shine naturally!

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