8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Is Really Perfect
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Learn About 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Does It Work?

 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Is Really Perfect

8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Is Really Perfect

Is 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Really Perfect?

If you are an owner of an imperfect eyebrow and are planning on spraying, you must have heard about 8D eyebrow spray technology. So what is 8D eyebrow spray technology? Is this the best technology today? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Provide you with interesting knowledge about this issue.

8d eyebrow spray

In fact, when talking about 3D, 6D or 8D is talking about eyebrow sculpture techniques, but many people still have the habit of calling them to flatter their eyebrows.

Eyebrow spray is a new technology of Korean tattoo spray, using a specialized pen to pluck each thin and fine thread, softly alternating into the open areas, shortcomings of the eyebrows. These eyebrows are made with perfect curves like real eyebrows, bringing the most natural and soft look possible.

1. 3D, 6D or 8D are the ways of distinguishing in nature, color and method of making fibers

3D injection is a similar method to the old embroidery technology before, the eyebrows are formed into a hard frame with each parallel line that lacks nature.

Spraying 6D is done by machine, although not framing the eyebrows like 3D but the 6D sculpted eyebrows are still quite rough, not yet soft, the distance between the fibers is thin, it looks very unnatural.

Spray 8D will be done by hand, the KTV uses specialized engraving knives with micro blades to gently ink onto the skin meticulously. 8D eyebrow brings a soft, natural. However, for customers who do not have eyebrows or eyebrows too light, 8D spray still reveals their defects.

2. 8D eyebrow spray technology has gradually become obsolete

Because there are still certain disadvantages, so when the 9D spray technology was born, the 8D spraying method gradually lost its position and was less loved by customers as before.

9D spray method is considered the most modern spray method today, possessing many outstanding advantages, giving customers the perfect and natural eyebrow possible. If you are not a person with knowledge of tattoo spray, it will be very difficult for you to recognize which ones are natural eyebrows and which ones are under 9D sculpture.

Learn how to sculpt 9e yarns with your eyebrows

For the 9D spray method, the KTV will use a specialized knife, meticulously draw each eyebrow in the line of the actual eyebrow with a slightly large head, pale and the middle is slender, the tail is sharp. Whether you don't have real eyebrows, faint eyebrows or scars, 9D technology will help you conceal imperfections perfectly.

3. Where to spray 9D eyebrow?

Although 9D eyebrow spray possesses perfect advantages, however, very few centers can provide this method. If you want to spray 9D eyebrows, you should choose reputable tattoo spraying facilities like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. This is one of the few cosmetic facilities that can bring you a beautiful eyebrow with 9D spray technology with many outstanding advantages:

  • The blade is so small that it is completely harmless to the skin, does not cause bleeding, pain or swelling after the procedure
  • Although your eyebrows have many defects such as sparse, short, pale, scarred, the 9D fiber will help completely overcome.
  • This technique does not create a border, helping you own a natural and soft eyebrows, it is difficult to recognize that you have ever sprayed your eyebrows.
  • You will not be "older", "more evil" as the traditional spray method

How To Choose The Eyebrow Style Matching Your Face And Skin Color

Especially for men who want to overcome the appearance or change feng shui, but are afraid of others knowing that they have cosmetic interventions, 9D eyebrow spray is really "a savior" for you. When the eyebrow brow 9D now Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterThe male friends will own a natural eyebrow as possible, absolutely do not see the eyebrow frame. Miss Tram only cushion the eyebrows you are missing and in some cases need to carve to create a "thin silk eyebrow" around the eyebrow shape to create the maximum natural.

9D spray technology was born, has really overcome the remaining disadvantages of 8D technology, giving customers the most natural eyebrows possible while ensuring the beauty and harmony with the face. This is a great choice for both male and female customers who want to improve their beauty as well as care about their destiny.

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