Training Professional Skincare Specialists


(There are classes in each module depending on the requirements of students)

Training Professional Skincare Specialists

Miss Tram Academy is one of the prestigious and quality skincare-training systems, trusted by thousands of students. Not only teaching in-depth knowledge and modern trends, Miss Tram Academy also brings many attractive career opportunities to help young people and anyone who loves spa can develop themselves, Create your own brand.

Miss Tram will provide comprehensive knowledge of Spa - Care and treatment of skin problems:

  • + Knowledge of devices, laser machines
  • + The role and effect of each type of light on the skin (Red light, Purple light, Blue light, Orange light, ...)
  • + Distinguish the signs and characteristics of 9 most common types of acne on the skin
  • + Techniques to remove acne limiting pain and not leaving scars
  • + The treatment process is suitable for each type of acne to help the skin from being thoroughly removed
  • + Exclusive formulas in white incubation, whitening skin baths are safe and effective
  • + Skin care treatments: Emission of toxins for the skin, Collagen therapy, Allergy skin care therapy, C running process, Eye darkening treatment + Facial bags + Wrinkles, ...
  • + Intensive treatments: Lifting process + Skin rejuvenation, Coal shot procedure, CO2 treatment, MELLASMA treatment, Needle roller course, ...
  • + Permanent hair removal
  • + And many other exclusive skin care & treatment methods and techniques.

(For information security training reasons, we do not post the 17-year curriculum directly on the website, if you are really interested in this course please contact for further advice)

After completing the professional skin care and treatment training program at Miss Tram Academy, the students will KNOWING KNOWLEDGE - APPLYING EFFICIENCY & SAFETY - CONFIDENTIAL TO BRING THE BEAUTY TO EVERYONE.


Knowledge - Skills - Experience and Output Commitment are what you can get when participating in vocational training programs at Miss Tram Academy. Not only that, you get more than that:

  • + Sponsored free practice models to apply the skills they learn in practice
  • + Exam for vocational certificates issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country
  • + Linking and supporting the certification with legal training centers in the United States, Australia to be able to confidently operate in the international environment
  • + Study the curriculum in 3 languages (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese
  • + If you are about to leave the country; urgently open shops; overseas Vietnamese; want to study in groups, learn by degrees, certificates, ... Miss Tram will support private classes on demand.

*Note: We only accept students when you pass the interview. This is a vocational course that we invested in over 17 years of developing the curriculum so we are very dedicated. So we really hope you seriously consider this a sustainable career.

What we focus on is that students after the course get a solid job, open a store and earn tens (even hundreds) million every month with a passion for beauty for everyone.

The programs at Miss Tram Academy are compiled into a standard curriculum, science based on professional knowledge - experience over 17 years, this will help students receive the best. With no theory and no teaching, all you get is to observe and participate directly in real-life situations.

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Miss Tram always creates all conditions for her students to interact and engage in the profession, thereby clearly defining what her strengths and passion are. The main CENTER OF BLOODING, the SERIOUS in training helped Miss Tram Academy instill enthusiasm for thousands of students from all over the country. Of these, there are friends devoted to the family Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, some of you develop your own career in the locality and many of you are confident of working abroad. Wherever you are, Miss Tram Academy's students are undoubtedly skilled, knowledgeable and always keep the TAM when giving beauty.

  • Miss Tram Academy has a full scholarship & stable career for those who are in difficult circumstances but determined to be passionate about the profession.

Especially (exclusive at Miss Tram): Students are granted VIP account, have the right to learn online all courses (makeup, nail, skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray ...) of internal Miss Tram. Details can see through:

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