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Experience Edit - Delete Eyebrows made mistakes Shape, Color Damage, Natural Loss!

How to look naturally beautiful, no scars, no pain, no downtime and no skin damage?

 Correction of Eyebrow Repair Service

Correction of Eyebrow Repair Service



Remove eyebrow spray tattoo error, damage, deviation, fading

[Experience drawn by Miss Tram over 15 years of eyebrow tattoo spray - troubleshooting thousands of difficult cases]

[Recipes Sculpted eyebrows did not need over REMOVE LASER - Avoid unnecessary skin damage]

Miss Tram, can I ask you if the eyebrows were sprayed with powder and sculpted again?

My eyebrows are blue / red, how to fix them beautiful?

My eyebrows were sculpted but not beautiful, can your side receive corrections?, Etc.

That is one of the many questions that Miss Tram receives every day. In this article, Specialist in eyebrow at Miss Tram Beauty Salon will analyze in detail the process of finishing a pair Eyebrows have been done but not satisfied Redo how nice and you will find the answer AFTER 5 MINUTES - Understand thoroughly to avoid "Money Loss Loss" you okay.

However, remember that, to be able to own a satisfactory eyebrow and Hop Feng Shui, you should visit the Center directly to check your current eyebrow condition and Professional advice to not fix it. went back and forth many times, WASTE TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY your!

Understand: 3 Method correction Eyebrow repairs that have been made over today in the market - No outsider!

Before going into more typical cases, we will come up with 3 Method handling Eyebrows have been done through today but market being implemented.

From there you will have a more general view of Pros and cons of each method, and understand how to fix the eyebrows that is right for me, the goal is BEAUTIFUL, SAVE and SAFE.

1. Spray Overlay Skin Color - Traditional, cheap method

Spraying skin tones is a simple traditional method for correcting eyebrows. The therapist will apply a color layer that is similar to your skin color to spray on old eyebrows. After that skin layer you will be creating new eyebrows as you like.


  • Simple, easy to implement
  • Does not take much time, implementation costs are cheap


  • No matter how skilled the standard ink maker, it is not possible to mix the color that matches your skin color, thus making the old ink mixed with the new one.

Beauty Center Specializes in Erasing Defective Eyebrows High Technology

  • Difficulties in later editing because the skin color when sprayed can not be erased ...
  • Some time later, when the color of the skin overlaps, it will reveal the old ink below, from which your eyebrows will be at risk of becoming 2.3 unsightly eyebrows.

  • The skin after many layers of skin color will be callused, the hair follicles will be weakened so that they cannot grow new eyebrows, real eyebrows will also completely fall out ...

2. Delete equal Laser - thorough erase, moderate cost, slightly time consuming

The principle of tattoo removal relies on the wavelength energy emitted by the laser to break the link between tattoo ink molecules and is excreted directly through the lymphatic line.

In particular, the intelligent wavelength laser identifies the tattoo pigment area, affecting only inkjet tattoo without affecting other skin areas.


  • Leave no trace of old tattoo ink on the eyebrow area so that you can easily change the eyebrows according to the latest Technology
  • Laser method is applied to all cases of eyebrow tattoo, even difficult eyebrow shape, tattoo ink deeply, ...
  • Eyebrow tattoo removal uses only 2 wavelengths to affect the tattoo ink pigment in the skin epidermis, absolutely does not interfere deeply with the inner cells. So, right after the treatment you do not feel pain or redness in the eyebrows due to very small damage.
  • In the process of laser projection to remove tattoos, Specialist adjust wavelength stimulates the development of collagen to regenerate skin immediately when it has an external impact on the skin. Therefore, even after the treatment is completed, the skin is completely normal, no burning or scarring, does not affect the actual eyebrows.
  • The cost of deletion is not too high


  • It takes quite a while to erase, ranging from 1-5 times, each time separated by 1 month depending on the depth of ink depth.
  • You have to choose a prestigious base with standard Laser line, safe to avoid being hurt, leaving scars or burning real eyebrows.

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3. Handling By European Standard Solution - Quick, painless, new eyebrows.

This is the most perfect method to remove color from skin and it is possible to perform Spray / Sculpt again without losing time like Laser erasing.


  • The process is gentle, non-invasive
  • Cost savings
  • Does not affect real eyebrows
  • Without spending time on convalescence, the New Method can be implemented soon after.
  • Complete treatment of blue / red ink ... without Laser

Treatment with European solution + Sculpting new eyebrows at Miss Tram


  • The time to completely remove the old ink can last 1-3 times depending on the depth of depth of the old tattoo ink, through each test, the specialist will conduct a treatment check to make the new eyebrows more beautiful and more natural. .
  • There are very few establishments that can handle with European solutions, you should be careful with establishments erasing with unknown creams or acids that damage the skin, money loss of gills.

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3 Case Of Eyebrow Correction Most Common At Miss Tram

(Situational analysis - Advice for you)

1. Eyebrows spoiled designs - unnatural with the face

Current Status:

  • The body shape doesn't match the proportions of the face,
  • Lack of harmonious balance, misalignment of the eyebrow frame,
  • Your figure makes your face evil and old,
  • Rough appearance, lack of natural serenity ...

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If your eyebrows are still strong:
  • You should erase the Laser to remove the old ink level at a relative level, not necessarily completely erased, just need to erase 1-2 times for the ink to dissolve, no more lumps can be treated with European solution. Au to Sculpt or Spray a new eyebrow shape that suits your face, naturally soothing.
  • When you have a new eyebrow shape, now you just need to remove the leftover ink, it will save you money, and you can own beautiful new eyebrows like that the shortest time.
  • If your eyebrows have faded, you can change the new shape right away without having to spend time deleting the laser
  • The old ink background coincides with the new eyebrow shape, just treatment then Spray or Sculpt according to the method you choose

  • With the ink deviation in addition to the new shape, you should take pains to erase the laser so that the eyebrows will be neat and not be smeared with two eyebrows (must choose a safe laser erasing place without leaving scars)

2. Dark eyebrows - making the face look unapproachable, unfriendly

Current Status:

  • Eyebrow color is too dark
  • Ink is not smooth but clotted, patchy holes
  • Head dark eyebrows lack lightness
  • Lack of balance on the face, the first impression on the opposite person is the dark eyebrows

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If the eyebrows are dark but The ink is not clotted each speckled spot can be treated for pale color without having to erase
  • If the eyebrows are dark, at the same time Caking ink background the best solution is that you should remove the Laser to completely remove the ink spots, then you want to let the natural or new methods are easy and aesthetic.

3. Not satisfied with the color of the eyebrow - want to change another color:

Current Status:

Usually the case does not like the color of the eyebrow will fall into the method of spraying eyebrow crystal / spraying eyebrow powder because the sculpture will file with true eyebrow color so naturally, very rarely need to change the color.

Beautiful eyebrows but not satisfied with the color, prefer darker or more brown

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If your eyebrows are quite light, not too dark, they can be treated for fading without having to delete then treating the color.
  • In case you want to change the current eyebrow color but the ink is still too dark, you should erase 1 time and then spray a new color.


How much does each eyebrow correction cost?

Typically, the cost of removing eyebrow repairs will range from 1 - 3 million / times Depending on the basis, then you can let your brows naturally or choose a New Method for your eyebrows.

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