Natural Eyelash Extensions (Volume Lashes, Lash Lift) Service in HCMC, Vietnam

SUPER BEAUTIFUL Eyelash Extensions (Volume Lashes, Lash Lift) Service In HCMC, Vietnam

No need to spend a lot of time to polish makeup or brush mascara, our girlfriends are still confident of having beautiful eyes, a long curvy lashes like when using natural eyelash extensions technology at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

Miss Tram understands that any minor mistake made during eyelash extensions can cause serious damage to your eyes and eyelashes.

Therefore, every step is carefully cared for, delivering perfect results with high safety.

Eyelash extensions or eyelash extensions at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center applies advanced Japanese technology, committing to 5 criteria:

1. IS NOT pinned to skin

2. IS NOT causing stinging eyes

3. IS NOT cause uncomfortable itching

4. IS NOT loss of real eyelashes

5. IS NOT consuming customers' time

Before proceeding, Miss Tram experts will help you choose the eyelash style that suits your face and preferences.

Miss Tram is currently very famous for 2 standard Japanese eyelash extensions styles, including:

+ 3D angel eyelash extensions (round eyes): this style helps the eyes become glitter, round evenly, the most natural. Angel eyelashes are considered suitable for all types of eyes.

+ Sexy black rose eyelashes (Sexy): this style is suitable for girls who love the sharp and personality beauty.

With the longer tail of the eye than the first part of the eye, the black rose eyelash extensions technology will create an extremely attractive eyes, impress the opposite person at first sight.


Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is one of the addresses that are highly appreciated for safety, the most perfect natural beauty.

Using the service at Miss Tram, customers will certainly be satisfied because we own many outstanding advantages:

+ Applying modern eyelash extensions technology, the most delicate and natural Japanese style

+ Eyelash extension technology is suitable for all subjects: office sisters, housewives, students or those who have short, thin and light lashes

+ Team of experienced experts, follow the most professional process

+ The process is quick, comfortable and most comfortable

+ Genuine Korean imported 100% silk lashes, meeting safety during use

+ Reasonable cost, many attractive incentive programs

+ Long-term warranty

+ Experience the space of luxurious and classy Spa

+ The thoughtful and devoted service from the talented and talented staff

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is committed to bringing you naturally long eyelashes, striking with attractive beauty to confidently appear anywhere.

Now you no longer have to spend a lot of time on makeup every day and still have a radiant appearance.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul

Take a little time to take care and adorn this window, you will feel more love life, more confident to conquer the great things in life.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is always ready to serve you. For questions about technology or want to schedule an extension at Miss Tram, please contact us quickly via the hotline 1900 7018