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Principles of Lip Care After Tattooing. Answer Question: "Can Lip Tattoo Can Eat Sea Fish"?

 Lip Tattoo Spray Can Eat Sea Fish

Lip Tattoo Spray Can Eat Sea Fish

Lip tattoo is one of the most popular beauty treatments today. Because in addition to possessing plump, fresh lips, women also improve the lip defects such as: dark lips, disproportionate lip borders, too thick, too thin lips or lip scars.

For the lips to look the best color, in addition to choosing a reputable cosmetic facility, the after-spray lip care regime is also very important. "So can lip tattooing eat sea fish?" - This is a question that many customers ask. Please refer to the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to find the answer.

Lip Tattoo Spray Can Eat Sea Fish

1. Principles of Lip Care After Spray

Lip spray is a beauty method that uses micro needles to gently move on the lips to bring the ink color under the skin. So, no matter how you choose to spray lips at reputable cosmetic establishments, your lips are more or less hurt and need a certain time to recover.

Principles of lip care after tattooing

The time it takes for a lip to recover quickly or slowly, the color of the lips to look good or not depends on the following factors:

  • Ink quality and phase ratio right.
  • Modern lip spray technology, sterilized spraying device.
  • Highly skilled technicians, go standard needle.
  • Lip care regimen after spraying.

Therefore, in addition to choosing a reputable cosmetic facility, the process of your lip care after spraying has a great influence on the color standard and color fastness.

Tip 5 Experience Lips Spray For You

So need care after spraying like?

Most of the time after finishing lip spray, the technician will give you vaseline and tell you how to take care of your lips to get the perfect result. However, Miss Tram also notes some important points:

  • Apply vaseline regularly to lips to help dry lips, making them easier to peel off.
  • Do not allow your lips to come into contact with water so that the ink color will stick well on your lips.
  • Limit touching your lips and do not pry the ink layer, allowing lips to peel off naturally.

After the ink is peeled off, the lips are still very sensitive and easily affected by external factors. Therefore, you also need to pay attention in the care and nourishment of the lips:

  • Providing adequate water for the body to stabilize the metabolism, the injured areas are quickly recovered.
  • Regular lip balm daily, if using lipstick, make sure the lipstick does not contain lead.
  • Always protect your lips carefully when exposed to sunlight, outside dust.
  • Supplement many foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E to increase resistance, help lips recover and color up quickly.
  • Limit foods that may affect your lips now: stimulants; allergenic foods like seafood, pickles; foods that are not good for wounds such as spinach and sticky rice; and the dark spices like soy sauce.

The Most effective way to fix lips spray

Although with modern lip spray techniques today, you do not need to spend a lot of time on convalescence or strict diet. However, many sensitive cases can be irritated by food while having a wound. So, "have a healthy diet" - you temporarily stay away from food that can affect the lips after spraying.

2. Can Lips Eat Sea Fish?

With the above share of Miss Tram, the sea fish is also in the seafood group - the food group should abstain after spraying lips. Although sea fish contains a lot of protein, amino acids, mineral salts and other micronutrients, they affect the healing process of the skin.

Eating sea fish can make the skin itchy, blistering, or even infect people with sensitive conditions. Therefore, even though you like to eat fish, you should still try to abstain for at least 2 weeks, until the lips are healed and the most beautiful color.

After spraying lips tattoo, can I eat sea fish?

3. So How to Eat After Lip Spray?

After spraying the lips, especially when the outer crust has not peeled off, be very careful in eating. Therefore, Miss Tram would like to suggest to you the most reasonable way of eating and hygiene:

  • Eat thinned porridge with a straw and don't chew your mouth open much.
  • Do not brush your teeth until the scales flake off, this time rinse your mouth with salt water.
  • Drink lots of fresh milk: The nutrition in fresh milk not only helps to energize you on fasting days but also helps the lips to color up.
  • Eat much fruit: This food source is both easy to eat, succulent, rich in vitamins without causing dental odor - very suitable for your current diet.

After Spraying Lips Should Take What Medicine To Hurry Standard Color

Above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about proper lip care after spraying. To own a plump and full-color lips, in addition to choosing a reputable cosmetic facility, the after-spray lip care regime is also very important. So, be really careful.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Wish you always have a sexiest lips!

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