Sculpting Eyebrows With Shading For Nguyet ?>

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Sculpting Eyebrows With Shading For Nguyet

[The Result of Brow Sculpting Combining Shading For Sister Nguyet]

Thank God! Spraying eyebrows at Miss Tram VietNam After that, Mrs. Ngựy has a lot of Western features!

It can be seen that Nguyet came to Miss Tram when her eyebrows were long and messy. The expert KTV is dedicated consultants dedicated, she has "bought" a pair of eyebrows too fit, flattering the facial contours.

The results after performing the Shading Sculpture method with Shading spraying showed us an extremely balanced eyebrow mold, the head is sculpted extremely naturally, the tail is sprayed with shading more sharp. And it looks like a "Western".

Let's see more pictures of Ms. Nguyet's results by KTV Miss Tram!

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