Performing Sculpted Eyebrow Scraping Natural Fiber For Ms. Hieu ?>

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Performing Sculpted Eyebrow Scraping Natural Fiber For Ms. Hieu

Not everyone who is born also has dark eyebrows, clear shape like "paint". Therefore, the application of new technologies to create a new eyebrow, overcome the weaknesses on the face is completely reasonable.

As in the case of Hieu, Thin eyebrows should be pale. The shape of the eyebrows is also not clearly shaped.

With such eyebrows, just a little modification with Sculpture technology is able to own the new ones. This technology looks for the The yarn is sharp and clear because it is completely manipulated by hand. In addition, the shape of the eyebrows will also be drawn by the Professional, adjusted to your liking and suitable for the face.

The following is the picture of Hieu's new eyebrow, everyone!

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