Handle Old Eyebrows With Red - Sculpting Scraping Head Part Combined Shading Tail For Sister Chi ?>

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Processing Old Eyebrows With Red - Sculpting Scraps The Head Part Combined Shading The Tail For Sister Chi

| THIS RESULTS | Handling old red eyebrows - Scraping the first part with Shading tail for Chi.

"Sharp, overcome defects, create confidence for customers" is what Feedback today wants to talk about.

Chi's eyebrows before Miss Tram appeared a red layer surrounding the eyebrows. After being consulted carefully, skilled technicians have handled the old eyebrows to be red - Scraped the first part combined with tail shading for Ms. Chi.

You will be surprised by the results this time, because the new eyebrow form has blown away the red layer, harmonious colors, sharp lines, suitable for ages. Who is facing such a situation, do not be afraid to inbox / comment for Miss Tram for free advice!

See more pictures of this result Chi sister!

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