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Any girl wants to have fresh, plump and sexy lips. That is also the request of Ms. Dan when to Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

After checking the status of her lips as well as listening to her thoughts, the specialist began to process and apply the method of spraying the lips of the queen to Dan. 

The most obvious difference of Queen's Lip Spray is the quality of ink & warranty policy:

- Sprayed the Queen's lips Using quality 100% organic ink from natural herbs, completely free of chemicals or metals

- The color fastness of the Queen's lips is up to 5 - 10 years, dubbed the method super spray micro-touch lips color. Satisfy your desire for Natural Lip Color - Painless - Durable - Safe for even the most demanding guests.

- Queen's care policy: With Queen's lips spray at Miss Tram, you will be supported to change the color you like in 2 years. FREE 100% Unlimited number of times.

- Most desirable is lip color up smooth bright, luxurious, natural youthful.

Please refer to the image of Ms Dan's super beautiful lips after Miss Tram's expert has done it! 

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