Small And Dear Eyebrow Form And Appropriate Beauty Method
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Trang's eyebrows have small shape, light fibers and little glimpse, it is almost invisible These eyebrows. Trang has researched several beauty centers and Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Luck became your last choice. 

In Miss Tram, expert advice and make a plan Sculpture to fix the best fit for this eyebrow. Each new eyebrow will be meticulously created by a professional with a specialized engraving knife, interwoven between the natural eyebrows in a harmonious way. 

Let's look back at Trang's beauty results below!

See Adding A Number Customer Results Other At Miss Tram:

Result Of Eyebrow Sculpture For Sister Nhi

Ms Ngoc Performs Sculptures For Eyebrows

Performing Queen Lip Sculpture For Ms. Hoa

Actual Customer Results At Miss Tram Spa

Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center - Beauty but natural.

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