Acne Treatment, Tightening Pores With Fractional CO2 Laser


Results of Acne Treatment, Tightening Pores with Fractional CO2 Laser Combining Traditional Medicine

The acne-prone skin appeared all over her face plus the redness and roughness ... of Ms. Duong Thi has now been "beaten" by Miss Tram with a special acne treatment. Fractional Co2 laser combines esoteric oriental medicine.

The skin after treatment has improved> 90%. Acne spots, dark spots, and redness have disappeared, leaving a smooth, much brighter skin, congratulations to Duong Thi for finding a beautiful skin again.

If you are having a problem about acne skin, pitted scars, dark spots, burnt incense ... then just inbox_call right away for Miss Tram to be consulted enthusiastically!

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