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It can be seen that Ms. Chau's lips are experiencing the following conditions: dark, dull lips, uneven lips color and slightly different lips. These lips are expert advice using the Queen Lip Spray technology. With this modern technology, it fully meets the requirements of Natural lip color - Painless - Durable - Safety of Ms. Chau as well as all customers. 

Spray Queen lips at Miss Tram also use quality 100% organic ink from natural herbs, completely free of chemicals or metals. 

See Adding A Number Customer Results Other At Miss Tram:

Sculpture Combining Spray Shading Cushioning Ink Beads Between The Eyebrow Strips For Ms. Tram

Van's Results After Sculpting Her Eyebrows Queen

Sculpture Of Lips Queen Beautiful For Ms Nghia

Actual Customer Results At Miss Tram Spa

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