Talk about things MAKE UP Of the sisters and brothers today: Beauty first of all for yourself, so every morning in front of the mirror is that I feel more happy. There is nothing wrong or evil. When a person is happy, he can do many things for the loved ones, the people around him, and inspire others.

Although the beauty outside is not decided at birth, but we can completely change the appearance thanks to the modern aesthetic technology. The problem is that we have to find a reliable address where you really understand what you are in. Where to really consult the part you need to adjust? And where there really is the possibility of stretching for you PRETTY real NATURE.

* Dong Tram - Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center *


Over the past year 15, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Our motto is always to bring natural beauty, harmony and absolute satisfaction to our customers. To do that Miss Tram beauty center has invested in spacious facilities, equipment and machinery meet the strict standards of the Ministry of Health. Not only that, Miss Tram also brings together a team of well-trained cosmetic professionals who regularly train in advanced countries such as Korea, Japan, USA, Germany ... with professional care staff, dedicated and knowledgeable.

Miss Tram Cosmetics applies advanced aesthetic technologies from the United States, constantly updating modern trends, meeting the beauty needs of everyone. Before taking on the transfer of the aesthetic technology, beauty salon, we all spend time studying seriously and thoroughly from a scientific perspective. Each application technology is based on conformity with Asian beauty standards in general, as well as the suit with the Vietnamese in particular.

Prior to any customer requests, Miss Tram experts sit back, assessing the current status to offer the best solution to customers. It is professional attitude, dedicated to each member and service quality really helped Miss Tram build successful brand. Prestigious beauty center in Ho Chi Minh City, become a reliable destination, thousands of customers "choose to send gold".


Beauty services, beauty treatment at Miss Tram VietNam Very diversified, highly committed and absolutely safe.

I / Skin treatment services

Miss Tram is constantly researching and optimizing skin therapies, helping us to get rid of common problems like acne, scars, pimples, freckles, dry wrinkles, etc.

Dermatologist experts will directly discuss and advise on acne as well as present problems on the skin of the client, thus providing a solution. Savings - Timely - Safe and Effective.

Miss Tram is committed to treating the most common types of acne and acne scars, including: Blackheads, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Fallow Deer, Genital Warts, Acne / Pimple, Acne, Headaches, Acne, Acne. The procedures have different methods and time to do depending on the acne of each person.

Possessing micro-scale pulsed spot technology that combines traditional eastern medicine, Miss Tram VietNam Help youth 3,789 (both men and women) get rid of acne, regain skin smooth day. All customers come Miss Tram VietNam They are pleased to be the first to experience this unique acne treatment.

In addition, tattoo removal services by Yag Laser Technology (Germany) modern at Miss Tram VietNam absolutely no pain, no scar left, commitment to absolute safety. With this technology, you no longer have to worry about getting rid of old tattoos on any part of your body.

II / High-tech aesthetics

Miss Tram VietNam is one of the first centers Apply HiFu S + technology, To lift and rejuvenate the skin very successfully.

Go back HiFu S + This is a technology that does not need surgical intervention, not touch cutlery so absolutely safe for everyone, all gender. Right first time use HiFu S + technology To rejuvenate the skin, you will notice other changes on his face, specifically: the wrinkles (corner of the eye, corner of the mouth) dim, skin stretch and smooth young.

III / Beauty beautiful lips, natural

If you are in need of a change to make your eyebrows beautiful and harmonious with your face; If you want to own beautiful lips, stretching vitality or attractive eyes, the service embroidery aesthetic in Miss Tram VietNam will help you get the beauty as expected.

The experts will sit back with you, consultants dedicated to choose the right technology, ensure to give you a true look. Nice - Harmony and Safety.

Embroidery Embroidery

Miss Tram VietNam Applying the technology of embroidery spray, modern eyebrow sculpture, not only help you own beautiful eyebrow aesthetic but also good general anthropology. A number of prominent technologies make aesthetic eyebrows prominent at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center The current:

+ Eyebrow Embroidery - Superb smooth powder
+ Sculpture of the female 9D
+ 6D-9D male eyebrow sculpture

Aesthetic lipstick

Do not stop learning, constantly update technology beauty, Miss Tram VietNam It has joined the world's leading experts as well as the latest technology transfer of the lip balm to help correct, correct irregularities, dark circles, pale lips, lips. evenly, ... regain fresh and natural lips for customers. The most used lipstick technologies are available at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center The current:

+ Spray the lips of Korean technology

+ Spray Collagen Stem Cells

+ Spray the lips of the queen

+ Sculpture of the micro point

Advantages of spraying aesthetic mHey, my lips Miss Tram VietNam:

+ Fast execution time (30-40 minutes depending on method)

+ Color up to standard, smooth and natural

+ No pain, no swelling, no relaxation time

+ Long-term warranty

Embroidery Embroidery Aesthetic

The technology of natural eyelid spray and micro touches from Korea will help the girl own big round eyes, attracted in every angle. With the technique of inkjet embroidery using specialized, the KTV Miss Tram VietNam will use super needle nose to put the ink into the epidermis, super natural for the eyelid. The method does not affect vision, pain or swelling.


Technology in the Japanese style Miss Tram VietNam very pleased with her. With modern technology and ingenuity of skilled technicians, Miss Tram VietNam will raise the eyes full of attractive, attractive look for women.

Silk threads 3D angels (round eyes): The eyes are glittering, rounded, natural, suitable for all types of eyes.

Feminine and seductive black roses: It gives more sharp eyes and personality with longer eyebrows than the head.

Smile at Miss Tram commitment:

Do not pinch your skin

+ No eyes

+ Not irritating itching

+ Do not shed true eyelashes

Do not spend a lot of time with your customers.

In particular, the yarn is imported directly from Korea, the silk 100%, meet the quality and absolute safety.

V / Vocational training

Not only contribute to honoring Vietnamese beauty, Miss Tram VietNam It also wants to spread the good things to the community, support the young foundation firmly, grasp attractive career opportunities in the future with beauty courses, professional aesthetics.

Attending the training classes at Miss Tram, students will receive many good opportunities:

+ Extreme tuition fees

+ Give all tools and equipment throughout the course

+ Grand Master Tram Dong with more than 17 years of direct teaching experience

+ Practical tips on real people (free hands-on modeling)

+ The certificate of vocational training granted by the General Department of Vocational Training of Vietnam is valid throughout the country

+ Teaching and learning in 3 language (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese

+ There are classes as required: for students preparing to exit, need to open folding shop, overseas Vietnamese on the water, group study, tutoring, online learning, diploma-certificate ...


+ Miss Tram Commitment 100% trainees,

+ Opportunity to receive scholarships up to 30 million and high-paying jobs in Miss Tram VietNam

Miss Tram VietNam Regularly opening classes:

Micro Scaling 3D - 9D

+ Ombre 3D eyebrow powder coating (Magic Shading)

European Technological Sculpture (Aquarell Technique)

+ Magic Eyes

+ Artisans connecting


Ever since its founding, Miss Tram has defined her mission of continually improving knowledge; learn the experience of many experts, colleagues in the profession; I practice regularly every day to continue to develop and give the best to my clients.

can speak Beautiful & Natural - BEAUTIFUL BUT NATIVE is the formula of successful Miss Tram, bringing Miss Tram brand - Natural Beauty Center touch the hearts of many people. Thanks to that, we have been trusted by many domestic and foreign customers who love to express their expectations.


1. Miss Tram VietNam To gather a team of highly qualified specialists who regularly train in advanced countries such as America, Germany, Japan, ...

2. Being the first unit in Vietnam to receive and successfully apply the technology of leading beauty skin Hoa Ky Skin rejuvenation with Hifu technology, Melasma treatment, freckles radical Yellow Laser, Acne Scar Treatment by laser treatment CO2 Laser Fractional Combination with traditional medicine secrets ...

3. Well-equipped facilities, modern machinery and equipment to ensure standards of the Ministry of Health.

4. Luxurious interior, Spa room design style Hoa Ky Bring you the best of relaxation.

5. Counseling enthusiastically, help customers choose the beauty process that suits them best.

6. Services profession, level, commitment quality and absolute safety.

When you trust give the opportunity for Miss Tram teamWe will do our best to make you more beautiful and more confident, express yourself and spread the inspiration to others.

Do not be afraid to contact with Miss Tram VietNam to get advice from the experts you nhé!

Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center - Beauty but natural.

Hotline: 1900 7018

Mobile: 0909.783.289 - 093.718.6060

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