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Learn The Causes And How To Treat Hidden Acne And Clog At Home Safely Safe.

 Why Is Acne Hidden, Clog Acne Is Difficult To Eliminate Thoroughly

Why Is Acne Hidden, Clog Acne Is Difficult To Eliminate Thoroughly

Treatment and Prevention of Hidden Acne, Obstructive Acne

Did you know hidden acne and congested acne are one of the most common types of acne in men and women? This skin condition does not affect too much aesthetics, but it makes the skin rough, rough and prone to the effects of external influences. In particular, hidden acne, acne acne is difficult to treat and eliminate thoroughly, so many women accept the situation of "living with acne".

So why are hidden acne and acne clogged so hard to remove thoroughly? Along learn through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please.

1. What are hidden acne and acne breakouts? Why is it difficult to treat thoroughly?

What is hidden acne

Hidden acne, acne breakouts are often hidden deep under the skin so it is difficult to see the acne. The manifestation of this form of acne is a small, unspotted acne that grows in clusters and increasingly spreads, making the skin increasingly rough, dry and not smooth.

Unlike other types of acne, this type of acne has quite deep pimples in the skin. So if you wait for the acne to clear itself, squeezing or not squeezing it all makes acne worse, leading to inflammation of the acne, pustules. In particular, the longer the acne hide the longer the risk of pitting scars will be higher.

Causes of acne formation:

There are 2 main causes of hidden acne and obstructive acne:

  • Internal impact: due to abnormal hormonal changes, prolonged stress, frequent insomnia, liver heat, ...
  • External impact: improper skin care and hygiene habits, overly polluted environment, inappropriate cosmetic use, etc.

What is the cause of hidden acne

For those with oily skin, hidden acne, acne breakouts will be very "flexible". Because when the excess lubricant is not cleaned, it will combine with dirt, bacteria that clog pores, thereby forming acne.

In particular, just a small impact from the environment outside or righteous in the body (such as stress, staying up late, changing the time of activities ...), acne can also develop into inflamed and inflamed acne. red bruises

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2. Why are hidden acne and clogged acne difficult to remove thoroughly?

Although it is not too serious, it does not cause pain on the skin but hidden acne, acne breakouts make the skin rough and rough. This condition is also repeated many times because the acne is very deep under the skin so it is difficult to remove the root.

Therefore, to eliminate hidden acne, acne clogged skin, you need to be patient with daily skin care and have the right treatment.

3. How to treat and prevent hidden acne, clogged acne

  • Always clean your skin daily

Wash face treatment and prevent hidden acne at home

The thorough cleansing of the skin will always help the skin to be clean, balance the lubricant and limit the development of acne. You should prioritize cleanser lines containing Salicylic acid - this ingredient has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, so it is effective in removing and preventing acne.

  • Absolutely not arbitrarily squeeze acne or touch your face

People with acne skin have a habit of squeezing acne and touching their face. If you are also suffering from this habit, try to stop immediately. The hands on the face has accidentally helped the abundant bacteria on the hands penetrate into the acne skin. From there, the acne will grow and spread quickly.

In particular, with non-visible acne such as hidden acne, clogged acne, trying to squeeze acne means the possibility of permanent scarring on the skin. By squeezing, the acne will be swollen or infected, inflamed.

Therefore, if you want to quickly remove all acne cores, you can go to reputable treatment facilities to determine the skin condition and get the acne skin safely.

  • Moisturize skin fully

Hidden acne, congested acne can disappear on its own if you have a thorough skin care regime from the inside out. And adequate hydration is the most basic element of healthy skin. You don't need too many skin care layers, but you should also use three basic skin care products after washing your face: toner, serum and moisturizer.

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For toners: Do not use alcohol and fragrance products - easily irritate the skin. Ideally, use cosmetics with natural extracts to ensure the safest.

With serum: should choose a dedicated serum for acne skin - these products will support deep cleansing, balancing excess oil and have a very good acne treatment support function.

With moisturizer: should choose the line only specializes in moisturizing and has a gentle texture, not too dense - easy to make the skin clogged.

  • Exfoliate periodically

Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin is one of the causes of acne formation, which interferes with the treatment of hidden acne, clogged acne. Therefore, regularly exfoliate 2-3 times / week to help unclog pores, stimulate acne acne to quickly surface.

  • Use acne essential oil

Besides thorough skin care, you can use additional lines of acne creams. However, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for advice on choosing the most appropriate treatment product.

Or, you can use these types Acne essential oil from nature Such as tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint oil or green tea tree oil to apply to the skin acne 2 times / day until acne disappears completely. This method may not work as quickly as acne cream, but it is safe.

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  • Clean pillows often

Hygiene for items that come into direct contact with the skin like bedding are very important. Because of the amount of bacteria, dirt and dead cells sticking to these fabrics, it is considered one of the leading causes of forming and difficult to eliminate acne conditions.

  • Control stress and body balance

Hormones and mental factors also greatly influence the process of treating hidden acne, acne clogging. Therefore, you need to keep the spirit always comfortable, have a diet - healthy living to ensure the body balances excess oil secretion, healthier skin and skin recovery process is also faster. .

In particular, during the treatment of hidden acne, always sleep on time, get enough sleep and drink enough water every day. This will help darken the acne removal process.

Hidden acne, clogged acne not only makes you feel uncomfortable because of the roughness on the skin, but also causes many difficulties in treating the root because acne is located very deep under the skin. Therefore, establish a strict skin care regime from the inside out to eliminate this skin condition at its root. In addition, you can also use acne treatments at prestigious beauty sites to quickly treat acne skin thoroughly. Wish you always have a healthy and beautiful skin!

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