Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Procedures in HCM City, Vietnam

How can I rejuvenate my skin naturally?
How can I tighten my skin without surgery?
What is the best skin rejuvenation treatment?
How can I tighten my jawline without surgery?


According to statistics from British experts, about 1-1.5% collagen is lost every day. After age 25, the production of new collagen begins to slow down making you has not entered the middle age yet has faced saggy, wrinkled skin.

Aging can make us lose our fresh appearance, lose our confidence in life and work as we look older than a few years. That is why skin rejuvenation methods were born one after another to help skin smooth, youthful skin, repel signs of aging on the skin. 

Before coming to the pros and cons of current skin rejuvenation methods on the market, let's find out information related to skin aging!

The cause of our aging skin

The cause of aging is generally divided into 2 groups:

Internal factors

Humans are born to grow and age, which is an inevitable process, due to an activity regulated by genes in the body.

External factors

There are many external factors that affect skin aging such as polluted environment, smoking habit, staying up late, drinking less water and especially sunlight (a person working in the sun, the speed of aging Their skin chemistry may increase many times).

Why do you need Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is one of the advanced applications of cosmetic technology to address the issues of wrinkles, skin aging, acne scarred skin, skin damaged by the effects of weather of the lips. school work.

When the skin shows signs of aging, the amount of collagen and elastin under the skin is significantly reduced and causes facial skin to sag, wrinkles, dark spots to appear ... Because So, the main purpose and effect of skin rejuvenation is to prolong youth to the skin, keeping the freshness and smoothness inherent to the skin as when it was a maiden.

Subjects suitable for skin rejuvenation

  • Cases of dry, rough facial skin, acne scars, rough and rough skin
  • Aging skin, many wrinkles, especially wrinkles on the forehead, the corners of the mouth, the corners of the eyes
  • Skin sagging, stretch marks, poorly lit skin
  • Skin darkening, freckles, skin pigmentation disorder

Fill out information to get specific skin aging advice for you


1. Skin rejuvenation by chemical skin replacement

Chemical skin changes are another way of resurfacing skin. Cosmetologists apply a solution and apply to the skin for a certain amount of time, after which the outer skin sloughs off and stimulates new skin cells to appear.


- Blur age spots, freckles

- Reduce wrinkles on the skin

- Reduce acne, acne and scars

- Helps skin firm, smooth and white

- Cheap cost, fast implementation process


- Easy to face complications, pigment imbalance, dark spots, skin damage if the solution used is not suitable for your skin or poor quality

- If you abuse this method will lead to skin thinning

- Inability to tighten sagging facial muscles.

Chemical skin replacement costs range from 1 – 5 million / time depending on the facility

2. Skin rejuvenation by PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is also known as autologous blood rejuvenation method. Blood platelets in the blood platelets contain stem cells that are able to renew themselves and stimulate the production of new cells. Plasma after being separated from the blood by a centrifuge will be stimulated to produce more stem cells. Then, the plasma will be implanted into skin cells by machine needle rolling method.


- This is a safe invasive technique, using the patient's own blood to regenerate and renew the skin of the face

- Stimulates collagen proliferation, helps skin to excel

- Does not cause skin irritation, quick treatment time


- Some cases may be painful or numb, swollen, bruised on the treated skin.

- Some cases due to unhygienic rolling needles or technical errors will cause clots to appear after using this method. 

- Only suitable for rejuvenation on the skin surface, does not effectively lift muscle to prevent sagging

The cost of skin rejuvenation by PRP ranges from 5 – 10 million / time depending on the facility

3. Laser rejuvenation

Laser is a common method in many cosmetic establishments today when using light waves impacting the skin such as CO2 laser, Toning laser, Fraxel Repair laser ... help remove the outer skin layer, stimulate the skin on the outside Bottom creates collagen, helps skin firmer.

- No need for surgery, non-invasive, no dissection affecting the skin structure as well as the organization of microchips and other nerves.

- No pain, no complications for the skin

The effect is obvious, natural facial expressions, fast execution time

- Has the ability to stimulate the increase in blood circulation thereby producing new skin cells, bringing a youthful skin.

- Without proper wavelength adjustment, the skin will experience unwanted side effects and not achieve the desired effect.

- There are side effects such as swelling, oozing, peeling skin

- Inability to tighten sagging facial muscles.

Laser rejuvenation costs range from 3 - 7 million / time depending on the facility

So, what is the optimal solution to rejuvenate the skin both inside and outside the face?

Don't let the nasty old man take away our youthful look and leave ugly wrinkles on the face, let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center share with you a CONFIDENTIAL.

4. Skin rejuvenation with HiFu S + Technology (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound)

Hifu technology is the only technology currently available that uses a wavelength that can enter as deep as 3.0-4.5mm below the surface of the skin. This is considered to be the most productive area for collagen and elastin - cells that help firm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. After going deep into the dermis, high-intensity focused ultrasound will spread the energy, tighten muscle tissue.

HiFu S + (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) technology uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to generate heat of 60-70 degrees, acting at a depth of 4.5mm creating great effects:

+ Stimulates collagen production, strengthens the structure of elastin fibers, helps the skin to be nourished deeply from the inside, become healthier and younger.

+ Ability to connect broken links, restructure epidermal cells, help skin smooth and fade wrinkles

+ Deep impact, support lifting, markedly improve sagging skin

+ Sharpen contours on the face, erase the chin, make the face slimmer

HiFu S + is rated as modern skin rejuvenation technology, can bring about the expected effect.

Just apply the process in accordance with the current situation, you will surely notice the difference on your face, firmer skin and especially wrinkles will be reduced.

The cost of rejuvenation with HIFU technology ranges from 3 - 20 million / time Depending on the treatment area and the place of action


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If you want to be beautiful but do not need surgical intervention, do not need to touch the cutlery, why not experience the method of skin rejuvenation, muscle lifting with HiFu S + technology?

Is HiFu S + technology at Miss Tram - is Natural Beauty Center safe?

HiFu S + technology has a high safety index, possessing many outstanding advantages:

+ No need to touch the cutlery

+ The process is quick, non-invasive

+ No pain, no need to spend time relaxing

+ Long-term effect, leaving no side effects

+ Skin quality is improved in terms of elasticity, smoothness and pigmented skin, more bright.

+ Optimize skin laxity, support sagging tissues, keep the skin elastic texture.

+ Do not leave complications, do not lose face expression.

+ Skin is rejuvenated but retains its natural, soft features.

Skin rejuvenation process using HIFU technology at Miss Tram

Step 1: Accurately analyze skin aging with a machine to have an appropriate treatment regimen

Step 2: Exfoliating, cleansing the face clean

Step 3: Apply a specialized gel to the rejuvenating area

Step 4: Carry out the Hifu course

Step 5: Applying rejuvenating mask helps combine skin firmness, smoothness comprehensive

Step 6: Remove mask and wipe face gently

Step 7: Apply sun protection to skin - Complete treatment

As one of the first beauty centers to successfully apply HiFu S +, Miss Tram has helped thousands of customers to change their appearance, rediscover their youth and confidence.

Every customer coming to Miss Tram is carefully examined by experts, accurately assessing the current status to offer the most suitable course. Thanks to that, we can commit to EFFICIENCY - SAFETY - ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED.

Not only possessing advanced technology, Miss Tram also focuses on investing in modern equipment and facilities to give customers the comfort in using the course.

With a team of knowledgeable experts, skilled technicians, Miss Tram is completely confident in the quality of service, giving its customers the best.

With Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center you can still find your radiant youth, become younger and more confident. When you trust Miss Tram, we certainly won't let you down.

Experts Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Always ready to listen, advise the most effective solution for your situation. So what are you waiting for without contacting Miss Tram?

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[Frequently Asked Questions for HIFU Skin Rejuvenation]

Question 1: Hi Miss Tram, may I ask if I can 30 years old if I can do Hifu technology because I think when skin will sag, I should do it?

Miss Tram greeted you, the famous cosmetologist Renée Rouleau explained on byrdie: “The age of 30 is a period of stress and hormonal changes that can wreak havoc on your skin. Growth hormones start to slow down, so the skin won't repair itself as it does in the 20s.It is at this point that you will face signs of aging skin such as freckles, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin's elasticity.

In the time the skin begins to show signs of aging, Hifu technology will help stimulate collagen production, strengthen the elastin fiber structure to help the skin be nourished deeply from the inside, so that the skin becomes healthy and youthful. more okay!

Question 2: Hi Center, I'm a man and I'm in my 50s this year, I wonder if this rejuvenation technology is suitable for men?

Miss Tram greeted him, Hifu skin rejuvenation technology is suitable for both men and women, so I can be sure of it. You arrange a time to visit the Center directly to have a skin examination from which the Experts will give the rejuvenation process suitable to your condition.

Da Anh see the picture below to feel the improvement from the first experience of skin rejuvenation with Hifu 1 technology on the face (the left screen has just finished - the right has not done) by artist Tiet Gang!

Question 3: Hello Miss Tram, care after implementation Hifu rejuvenation technology is as complicated as making a laser or rolling a needle?

Miss Tram welcomes you, Hifu rejuvenation technology does not take time off and the skin care regime after implementation is not complicated, here are the care information to bring the best muscle lifting effect:

  • Do not lie on your stomach and limit lying on your side for 7- 10 days
  • Limit hot steam for 3 weeks
  • Do not diet, lose weight during HIFU treatment because it will affect the collagen and Elastin proliferation process.
  • Abstain from smoking, do not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer ... during treatment HIFU.
  • Limit sun exposure after treatment and apply sunscreen with SPF 30 and above when going out.
  • Maintain scientific activities routines, reasonable sleep and sleep time, do not stay up too late because it will affect the results of wrinkle lifting lift treatment with HIFU.
  • Drink plenty of water, increase the intake of vegetables, fruits on the daily menu to supplement the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Thereby helping the skin to be restored and healthy from the inside.