Professional Lipstick Effect Permanent Makeup (Soft Shaded, Contour, Pixellated, Outlined, Ombre)

Lipstick: Choose the lipstick that suits you: For each type of lip, thickness - thin, each intensity of the lips?

* Need to Know Before You Make It: The Difference Between Tattoos, Lipstick & Lipstick.
(Avoid re-doing many times - the money lost the disability)

In the cosmetic market there are now many different methods as well as different names for making beautiful. Due to the diversity of technology, many women are disturbed when choosing. This article is expert at Miss Tram Salon Detailed analysis of this technology 3. Please read to the end of the article to choose the appropriate method of making beautiful and save time and money.

The same of Tattooing, Spraying and Sculpted lips:

Both 3 methods help you own beautiful lip color without the need to apply lipstick every day;

You will be trained by professionals to harmonize the lips because not everyone is born with beautiful lips;

So 3 Technology on how different beauty how different?


With a traditional lip tattoo, the specialist will use a needle piercing through the horn, then apply the ink tattoo ink or get the needle into the ink first and then roll over the skin. Color after lip tattoos will be darker, ink tattoos are not so natural, when looking at easy to spot aesthetic signs.

Advantages of traditional lip tattoo:

- Cheaper

- The lip color is kept long, usually the lip tattoo will hold from 10 - 20 years

Traditional lip tattoos disadvantages:

- Because of invasion deep in the process should cause pain, swelling days after work.

- It takes time to relax, abstain from eating and living.

- The color of the lips should be opaque, should not look natural, the lips are clearly printed, the old part after work.

- The lips are often peeling and uneven color due to the process of tattooing the lips are invariably continuous, the tattoo needle is quite strong, so it is difficult to ink.

- It is very easy to get an infection, so choose a reputable institution that has strict equipment disinfection procedures.

Execution time: 90 - 180 minutes depending on the basis and professional implementation

Cost: From 800.000đ - 1.500.00đ (depending on the basis)


The biggest difference between traditional lip and lip spray is the depth of action on the epidermis. If the tattoos are the process of tattoo needle deep inversion, the spray using a spray gun with a needle tip 0,2mm depth, the top of the cartridge ink gently spray on the lips.

Advantages of lip spray:

- The color of the needle is extremely fast, the color used depends on the lip color and color of each person, so that the most suitable.

- After spraying, you will easily have 1 lips beautiful, natural, sexy, painless, no bleeding, no encroachment, no loss of time.

- The result of maintaining 3-5 will depend on the location of each person

Bottom lip spray:

- Need to perform intensive treatment and color 2-3 new standard and durability depending on the skin and skin depth of each case.

- Experienced experienced color mixing and lip balancing is a must

Execution time: 45 - 120 minutes depending on the basis and professional implementation

The cost of intensive processing: From 1.000.000đ - 4.000.000đ (depending on the intensity and basis of implementation)
Cost to lip color: : 1.00.000đ - 7.000.00đ (depending on the basis and quality of ink)

today, lip spray is using micro injection technology. Microdermabrasion is the easiest way to use the microdermabrasion tip, which pushes the epidermis and gently presses on the surface of the lips, rather than encroaching on the lips. some old tattooing methods.

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Together with Miss Tram the difference between 3 Technique most current:

Method I: Spray the Korean Crystal Technology

- The color of the lips in nature, keeping the color quite stable

- The lips are smoothly balanced with the face

- Low cost, affordable.

Normally, the suction package + the color of the crystal in the natural environment only fluctuates from 2.000.000đ - 3.500.000đ.

- Spray the lips slightly dry and lip color is not smooth, especially with your lips wrinkled, or dry, then spray the crystal lips regularly or apply additional vaseline to moisten the lips.

However, it is interesting to note that the crystal lipstick is the first choice of "bearded beauties" by spraying crystal lips for men to meet the criteria of nature.

The expert will perform a thorough whitening treatment, so that the lip color can be obtained in nature. For men, the color of the lips is chosen to be a natural pale shade, mainly for the lips not to be re-tinted or tan, not as feminine.

See more details on Spray lips natural crystal for men:

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Method II: Spray Collagen - Spray Lip Stem Cells

- Collagen lip spray is a combination of the technology of spraying crystal lips with natural collagen essence to bring Collagen essence into the lips, help you own smooth lips, soft.

Likewise, stem cell platelet injection is the process of adding stem cells to the ink and the spraying process helps the lips to overlap, or set or chapped, bleeding, or aging. Creates a fresh, youthful, youthful complexion.

Cost of spraying Collagen - Stem cell only higher than the crystal injection of 500,000đ - 1,500,000đ.

For the lips that are often peeling or signs of aging should add this nutrient.

>> More information on Spray lips collagen:

Method Spray the lips of the Queen

The most obvious difference of the spray Lip Queen is the quality of ink & warranty policy.

- Spray the Queen's lips using quality 100% organic toner from natural herbs, completely free from chemicals or metals.

- The color durability of the Queen's lips is up to 5 - 10 years, dubbed the method of spraying the super-touching color. Meet the desire Natural lip color - No pain - Color - Safety of the most difficult guests.

- Queen's Care Policy: With the Queen's lips sprayed at Miss Tram, you will be assisted to change the color you like in the year 2. FREE 100% unlimited number of times.

- The most notable is the color of the lips bright, luxurious, youthful nature.

The cost of intensive treatment + Spraying the lips of the Queen is quite high, usually fluctuating from 5.000.000đ - 8.000.000d but not less sisters selected by the quality ink and beauty that this technology brings.

The Queen's lips selected by brightness, elegance and youthful nature


The technology uses a special knife with a knife blade to put the ink in the arc spreading the skin to the surface. Micro-ink dots create smooth and fast color. This is a modern technique to create lip colors that combine the defects of lip shape, lip sculpture with the ability to color fast, up to the right color.

Advantages of micro-point sculpture:

- Time is fast, at Tram Tram 30 only - 40p is complete

- Color fast and color

Beautiful natural lips, bright lines

- The lip is smooth by the ink is spread to every corner of the lips

- Gentle process, rapid peeling time (only 2 days after work), no time spent relaxing, no swelling or pain.

- The result is 4 - 10 depending on the quality of ink used

The lines of the sculpture are soft and gentle

The disadvantage of micro-point scarp:

- Currently the technology is the most expensive lip balm by the difficulty of implementation

- Requires expert performance to be proficient

- Must find the right basis to perform to avoid having to deal with many times.

Execution time: 30 - 90 minutes depending on the basis and professional performance (time taken at Miss Tram only ranged from 30 - 40 minutes)

The cost of intensive processing: From XXXX - 1.000.000đ (depending on the depth)

Cost to lip color: From 3.000.000đ - 12.000.00đ (depending on the basis and quality of ink)

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[Frequently Asked Questions]

1.I was born congenital birth is not color because I heard the birth of congenital infection does not handle it all?

Hello E, before with the old lip tattoo technique, it is true that the innermost lips after the coloring will be uneven, opaque and not in because the deepening part is still there. However, with the modern technology of spraying micro-points now it is possible to solve the case of congenital innate E. E as if this lips before you are very heavy too

For the color of the lips in, so beautiful before the lip color Expert will conduct gentle treatment for yourself, absolutely no pain whatsoever! E peace of mind. The process of tanning will be from 1 - 5 weeks depending on the status of each of you, to dissolve where color is up to it. After 2 months, we will have the appointment to check back to the standard color.

2. My name is Snow in the United States, coming to Vietnam to visit relatives, but only about less than 2 months, do you have a beautiful face, sure enough to return?

Miss Tram also has beautiful charms for many of you from other countries, and similar to Tuyet, you have only a short time in Vietnam. In this case, you should always invest in quality Queen ink by only quality Queen ink has a good adhesion, durable, smooth color from the first time. At the same time before returning to your country to call the Center to be checked again soon be okay.

3. Say hello, my lips are not deep, do I need to handle deep because you do not find my lips where?

Hello E, if your lips are not completely whitening, then do not need to handle them. However, similar to baby lips Vy sister sent below e view, lip lips under natural pink is not deep but the border and upper lips are still light. If not treated, the lip color will be uneven between the upper lip - the lower lip or the lip and the outline of the lips. Therefore, the cost of intensive processing will fluctuate from 1,000,000đ - 4,000,000đ depending on the level of more or less of each customer that nhé!

4. Why E found in the home made only a few hundred thousand E that read the article found the cost to do so high?

Greetings E, as I have analyzed above, depending on the quality of ink as well as technology that cost each place will be different. If E wanted to make the lips to color to have, printed borders, opaque color and not standard color, then the cost would be low as E said.

However, Miss Tram also shared the truth is "any money of that" because the cost of lip is equivalent to the quality of the ink, skilled workmanship as well as the warranty support system, responsibility of the Center . Depending on your economic conditions, E can choose the right technique and toner for a few hundred but not beautifully edited, it will take time, cost and pain swollen again!

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5. Miss Miss Tram, her lips have done but she does not like the color you want to do it again, do you need to remove the old color? And you read above that there is a lip sculpture, the lip sculpture is the same as the eyebrow sculpture?

Greetings, in case your lips are elsewhere, then you should let the expert to handle the old color and then the new color will help the new color, color and in the lips. Now with the technology of advanced processing of America, so it's safe for her no time to go as well as pain, treatment of the old ink color and new lip color in 1 always nhé!

Your idea 2 is that you are interested in the technology of lip sculpture. The technology of sculpture is completely different from the sculpture of your eyebrows, eyebrow sculpture is a technique to create thin eyebrows, pure natural eyebrows in the direction of eyebrows. With a small blade to put ink under the arc spreading the skin to the skin. Spray the micro-dots to create smooth and fast color. This is a modern technique to create lip colors that correlate lip defects, lip sculptures that are capable of fast coloring, to the right color!

6. Hello Center, E has a delicate question to ask is that "spray lips on the loss of feeling when kissing?" E hear people say chest lift loss feeling so E worry do not know how to spray lips what effect? (Quỳnh Anh - Q1)

Miss Trâm E, Quỳnh Anh's questions are very practical and interesting so the Center immediately added to the category of wonders when making beautiful for everyone to refer to offline!

E peace of mind is lip spray does not affect the feeling when kissing! This is the technology of intensive processing and natural lip color with micro-touch technique, absolutely no damage or encroachment should E just glide on the lip surface only. Not only did not affect the feeling when kissing, she thought that when E lips are not revived anymore, but in the natural pink lip color, the more beautiful E will be, the more confident, no longer worry. lost color when kissing again must not.

We have reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of 3 Tattoo Technology. Lipstick and Lipstick now. If you have any questions please leave the information below or CALL NOW Hotline to meet experts at Miss Tram Free Consultant completely!


You are listening to your favorite lip colors and your own Expert Consultant;

You are an Expert GREAT, as a direct training teacher, do not let the new Technician or Trainee make the guest;

You own the mode Free miles support 100% within 1-2 years (unlimited mileage) if you want to change the lip color arbitrarily;

You are customer care department at Miss Tram assist with guidance, listen to opinions and schedule appointments until absolute satisfaction;

You will receive surprise beauty gift when accompanied or refer friends, relatives and service experience at Miss Tram.

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