Is lip sculpting similar to eyebrow sculpture?
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Lip Sculpture And Eyebrow Sculpture What Is The Difference?

 Does Sculpting Lips Look Like Sculpting Eyebrows

Does Sculpting Lips Look Like Sculpting Eyebrows

Does Sculpting Lips Look Like Sculpting Eyebrows

Distinguishing between lip sculpture and eyebrow sculpture is a problem many people are interested in. A better understanding of the pros and cons of lip and eyebrow sculpting techniques will help you make great choices. So, does lip sculpting look like eyebrow sculpture? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out now!

Compare lip sculpting that sculpted eyebrows

1. Distinguish between lip sculpture and eyebrow sculpture

Lip sculpting and eyebrow sculpture are just the same in that they use specialized engraving knives with micro blades. Both eyebrow sculpture and lip sculpting bring more natural beauty than other cosmetic tattoo techniques. However, the color fastness of lip sculpting will hold longer than eyebrow sculpture.

Choose the Lip Beauty Method That Is Best For You

What is micro-sculpture sculpture?

Micro-lip sculpting is a technology that uses a special engraving knife with a tiny blade to bring ink in an arc, sprinkling particles on the skin combined with micro-lip spray to create smooth and fast color. This is a modern technique to create lip color combined with correcting lip defects. Micro-point sculpting has the ability to color standard and faster than other methods.

Outstanding advantages of lip sculpting:
  • At Miss Tram fast execution time, only 30 - 40p is completed
  • The lips color goes up quickly and the color standard
  • Beautiful natural lips, gentle and youthful lines
  • The lips are smooth because the ink is evenly spread to the corners of the lips
  • Gentle implementation process, fast peeling time (only after 2 days from the date of implementation)
  • No downtime, no pain
  • Color retention lasts 4-5 years depending on the quality of the ink used
Disadvantages of lip sculpting:
  • The cost is quite high because of the difficulty
  • It requires professionals to perform professional skills, equipment must be really advanced to ensure beautiful color.
  • Must find the right basis to perform reputations to avoid having to deal with many times.
  • Many establishments have a long implementation time: from 30-90 minutes

What is eyebrow sculpture?

Eyebrow sculpture is an improved technique of eyebrow embroidery. When done, the doctor will use a specialized cosmetic tool called a "sculpting knife". This skin is responsible for bringing the ink under the skin to create lines simulating eyebrows with natural curvature, similar to real eyebrows. There are 3 types of eyebrow sculpting pen: type 1 for medium and long curves, type 2 to create extremely thin and curved eyebrows, type 3 to adjust the depth so that the lines become natural. than.

The secret to keeping eyebrows durable for over 3 years

Advantages of eyebrow sculpture:
  • Sculptured blades are super sharp and designed
  • Limit pain when sculpting and limit bleeding due to the use of anesthetics.
  • Create an eyebrow that looks extremely natural, without any borders (frames) around it.
  • The sculpted eyebrows have a perfectly curved curvature, the head is slightly large, pale, the tail is sharp and curved.
Disadvantages of eyebrow sculpture:
  • If the beauty salon does not guarantee safe sculpting knives and is not disinfected cleanly, the risk of infection for customers is very high.
  • Sculpting the eyebrows will be a bit blurry, the ink holding time is not long, most of which can only be maintained from 6 months to 1 year.

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