Does the upper eyelid spray method hurt?
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Learn About The Method Of Spraying Eyelids At Miss Tram.

 Perform The Upper Eyelid Spray Is It Painful

Perform The Upper Eyelid Spray Is It Painful

Does the upper eyelid spray method hurt?

Many girls really want to spray their eyelids to own bigger, more accentful and impressive eyes, but because they are afraid of pain, they don't dare to perform. So actually spraying on the upper eyelid is it painful, does it cause discomfort or serious effects? Some share below of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you answer this question.

Spraying on the upper eyelid does it hurt

1. Eyelid spray performed like?

In the past, when girls wanted their eyes to become sharper, more soulful and attractive, girls often used eyeliner to line the upper or lower eyelids. This method is effective, but it is quite time-consuming and requires the implementation of the hands a bit clever, otherwise we will create unsightly smudged ink lines. If you do not have much time for makeup or not confident about your skills, you can completely rely on the support of cosmetic technology.

Answers to questions whether eyelid spraying is old or not

Currently, many girls have come to the eyelid spray method to help glitter eyes more impressive. Eyelid spraying is the use of micro-needle embroidery applicators, carefully tracing small strokes on the eyelid contour area to bring ink into the skin. Thus, we will have prominent eyelid contour, creating a certain depth for the eyes.

Learn the method of eyelid spray

Typically, the standard eyelid spray process must be done by the following steps:

Step 1: Specialists at the cosmetic center will conduct examination, advice on spray type and color matching with customers. During the contact, experts also need technology advice, help customers better understand what will be done, some manifestations can occur after spraying, care methods, ...

Step 2: Carry out cleaning of the eyelid area and numbness

Step 3: Perform eyelid spraying according to the technique, make sure to walk the needle evenly to make eyelids look beautiful

Step 4: Instruct customers to take care of eyelids properly

Eyelid after spraying should ensure the requirements such as definitive ink contours, uniform ink, uniform color, no swollen eyes, .. in order to be considered successful.

Recipes Spray Eyelid Beautiful Standard Safety

2. Does pain on the upper eyelid hurt?

As mentioned above, before performing the needle to put on the skin, the KTV need to incubate the eyelid area for 15-20 minutes. The eyelid skin is very fragile, so the external effects are easy to cause soreness and injury. Therefore, incubation is extremely necessary.

Incubation for the eyelid area is entirely beneficial, because:

  • Help customers always feel comfortable, no psychological pressure due to pain
  • The artist will easily go needle, align the lines to give perfect results

When the skin of the eyelid area is numbed, during the spraying process the client will not feel soreness. Therefore, you should not be too concerned about this issue, but confidently experience the technology to own the most attractive look. If the eyelid spraying process still hurts, report it back to the artisans, who will apply additional safety numbing to help you reduce the pain effectively.

Spraying Your Swollen Eyelid, What To Do?

Note, because this is a sensitive area should definitely use the type of numbness with high safety, otherwise it may affect eye health. To do so, you should choose prestigious cosmetic centers, so that we can be more assured of technology, equipment, ink or numb used.

Today's eyelid spray is guaranteed more safe and aesthetic than the old technology. So you absolutely can use this way to make the eyes more glitter and attractive. Wish you have beautiful eyes!

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