Tattooed Eyeliner (Lash Enhancement, Wing Contour, Classic Eyeliner, Pixellated) Makeup Permanently




From the past until now, the eyes which are considered as the "windows of the soul", are the places to express the feminine personality and make perfect accents, attracting people around.

Each era will have a different standard of beautiful eyes, but in general, beautiful eyes must be eyes that are harmonious with the face, big, round and sparkling with the tail facing upwards.



However, not everyone has created the favors for beautiful eyes, so each of us must find a way to perfect our beauty.

Many people use makeup to hide the blemishes, but many also rely on the help of modern aesthetic technology to increase the perfection of their eyes.

In addition to eyelid and eyelash extensions technology, eyelid spray is increasingly chosen by many people. Eyelid spray is a long-lasting beauty method for eyes that are popular with many women. With modern techniques and a method of natural gentle touch, the eyes will become round, glitter and more attractive.


Know the Differences and Differences between Technologies - Identify Eyelid Beauty Technology that is right for you!


  • Eyelid spray is a modern method using a special machine with a small needle to put the ink into the upper skin of the eyelid with thin, dark, thin lines that vary according to customer requirements. . Help women own beautiful eyelid contour perfect in just a short time but still ensure safety, no pain, no complications, no loss of vacation time.
  • Micro-touch spray technology is suitable for those who have unclear, thin and pale eyelids, want to have a clear and impressive eyelid border, customers who have eyelid tattoos but not beautiful or those who have The eyelashes are thin, thin and pale.


1. Eyelid Spray Technology opens irises

Eyelid spraying is the most gentle and natural beauty of eyelids among technologies. Updated according to the Korean aesthetic trend, the open eyelid lines are made by touching the eyelashes, the thin lines and closing at the ends of the eyes make the eyes bigger and deeper, the eyelids are attractive with the eyes sometimes. They are all glittery, the eyelashes look thick and naturally charming.

Subjects suitable for contact lenses to open:

  • Customers have pale eyelashes, white eyelashes that make the eyes lack attractive and sad
  • You like natural, sparkly black eyes that aren't as sharp as water eyeliner
  • Suitable for all eye angles, for both men and women who prefer a natural, gentle eyelid line 

Implementation costs: From 1 to 3 million Depending on the basis of performance and quality of ink


2. Natural Eyelid Liner Technology

Eyelid liner is a micro-touch embroidery technique, using a super-fine needle tip to create a black or brown-black border right next to the eyelashes to help the eyelids sharp and natural, making the eyes bigger and more depth. seductive. Customers can choose the natural eyelid liner without tail or add light tail to create a sharper, more youthful and more modern look.


The liner liner technology only works on the upper dermis of the eyelid skin, with the micro needle tip made by experienced experts, standard procedure so it is safe, painless, non-invasive encroaching or irritating customers.

Subjects suitable for natural eyelid spraying:

  • Customers with small eyes, eyelid liner
  • You need to fix the eyes have unbalanced defects
  • Or you want to create sharp, sharp eyelids, naturally beautiful so that you do not waste time drawing every day

Implementation costs: From 1 to 4 million Depending on the basis of performance and quality of ink


3. Korean 3D Eyelid Spray Technology

3D Eyelid tattooing is a eyelid makeup technique that is based on Korean technology. The essence of this method is to use a modern embroidery machine with a fine needle tip of 0.2 - 0.3 mm with meticulous and gentle manipulations, take customers' real eyelashes as a standard, draw a fine line. just below the eyelashes to the outer lashes to create a sharp, beautiful natural eyelid border, combined with a slight tail drag to make your eyelids sharp, delicate, naturally beautiful to make the face more attractive.

In addition, Korean 3D eyelid tattoo spray technology also helps overcome eye imperfections by "cheating" or "narrowing" the eyelids, giving the eyes a balanced, harmonious face.

Subjects suitable for Korean 3D Eyelid Spray:

  • Customers have small eyes, eyelid liner, eyes with unbalanced defects
  • Guests have the habit of drawing eyelids every day
  • Suitable for customers who prefer round eyes, sharp, naturally smooth eyelids

Implementation costs: From 1 to 4 million Depending on the basis of performance and quality of ink


4. Sharp fisheye lash technology

Spraying the eyelids of the fish tail with dark, curved and thick eyelid lines, this is a choice for girls with strong personalities who like to have sharp, sharp eyes.

For those with single eyelids that are too small and older women, spraying the fish's eyelids will not be very suitable because it is easy to make your face become heavy, less beautiful and somewhat fierce.

Implementation costs: From 2 to 5 million Depending on the basis of performance and quality of ink


Today, there are many places that provide eyelid spray services, you should choose a reputable one, because if the wrong injection technique can make your eyes hurt and less aesthetic. a lot of.

So, look for a quality address to "choose the right to send gold", own yourself a pair of eyes PRETTY and NATURE possible.


Beauty is not enough, but must be beautiful naturally, this motto has been with Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for more than 15 years of career.

We are proud The most prestigious cosmetic center in Ho Chi Minh City Contribute to creating beauty for thousands of women.

The process of spraying the eyelids here is carried out in strict accordance with the strict procedure, using a fine-tipped embroidery tool to carefully trace small strokes on the eyelid area to bring the ink deep inside the skin to change pigmentation. eyelid area, creating sharp eyelid borders with ink, making the eyes bigger and more beautiful.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center owns the advanced eyelid injection technology in the world

... with a very strict process

Step 1: Examination and counseling

Cosmetic specialists visit customers' eyelids, advise customers on how to perform and help customers choose appropriate eyelid tattoo colors.

Step 2: Clean the eyelid area and local anesthesia

Technicians conduct thorough cleaning of the eyelid area, then take appropriate anesthetic measures, so that the eyelid spray process goes smoothly.

Step 3: Proceed to Spray the eyelids

Technicians conduct eyelid spray according to the technique from the middle of the eye to the eyes and the top of the eyes. Spray 5-6 times until both eyelids are smooth, beautiful and sharp.

Step 4: Clean the eyes just sprayed

The technician will immediately clean the eye area, apply vaseline or ointment immediately to keep eye beauty durable.


+ Miss Tram gathered a team of cosmetologists with high expertise, often training in advanced countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, ... for effective eyelid spraying Best.

Well-equipped facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment ensure Ministry of Health standards. Spa room style design USA Help customers relax and comfortable.

Quality inkjet cartridges, import from abroad, make sure the eyelids look beautiful, even, smooth and natural. Completely overcome the disadvantages of the eyelids, helping the eyes to be bigger and deeper.

+ Tools and guaranteed spraying process safe absolute. Time to perform tattoo spray fast. No pain, no swelling and no rest time.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center provides customers Eyelid spray service professionlevel, commitment quality and absolute safety. Let Miss Tram help you own a "talking" eyes to become more beautiful and more confident in life.


[Frequently Asked Questions When Spraying Eyelids]

Question 1: Hello Miss Tram, I am a male, I really like the black eyes and have the depth so I intend to spray the eyelids wide open with me. The center let me ask is that men spray their eyelids “with time”, do you just want to spray a thin natural line right at the base of your eyelashes?

Miss Tram salutes, if the method of deep eyelid tattooing in previous years, it will not be suitable for men because it is too bold and lacking in nature. However, modern micro-touch injection technology is very gentle and natural so not only women but also men can completely do it! You can be assured because the open eyelid spray is done right at the line of your eyelashes and it is difficult to detect beyond the feeling brought after the implementation is the deeper angle of the eyes, darker eyelashes and dark eyes. more beautiful glitter than you!


Question 2: Hello Miss Tram, may I ask if the spraying of the eyelids has any effect on eyesight or pain because I love to spray for drawing everyday but I'm afraid of pain?

Hello, you can rest assured that now all eyelid beautification technologies are gently applied to the skin's upper dermis by a specialized embroidery machine with a micro needle. In addition, after cleaning and determining the location of the eyelid spray, an experienced specialist will conduct an anesthetic to ensure the beauty process is very comfortable and gentle!


Question 3: Let me ask is the spray eyelid at Miss Tram need to resort or abstain from anything complicated?

Miss Tram salutes you, to get the natural, sharp eyelids that last for a long time, you just need to take care of the instructions below!

- Do not touch the eyelids, do not arbitrarily trust the scales but should let the scales peel off, avoid scars

- Limit the water to touch the eyelid area just sprayed

- No strong impact on the eyelids in the first 2-3 days

- Spray the eyelids will peel about 2-3 weeks after tattooing, after this layer peeled off, the new eyes are more beautiful

- Clean the eye area clean as directed by the Center

If your eyes are sore and swollen, you can take painkillers and anti-inflammatories as directed by your doctor


Question 4: Hello Miss Tram, my eyelids were sprayed but were blue and the tail of the eyes was not sharp before, I want to adjust, do not know if I can re-spray or need to erase, hope the Advice Center to help. you?

Miss Tram welcomes you, you are reassured because currently the Center is applying the old eyelid blossoming treatment according to European standards, so it is possible to handle the blue eyelid foundation to transform into a beautiful black eyelid. naturally without having to take time to delete. With the tail of your old eyelids, before going to work, the specialist will proceed to draw a new eyelid shape for you, like it and then beautify!