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You need to know: Do not just take the expensive method to get rid of acne

Each type of acne treatment 1 different treatment, the body and blood of each person is different. Men and women need different treatment. Therefore, you need to know your condition to avoid it


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Possessing a beautiful skin is the desire of all of us. However, acne is one of the common skin problems that make you worry and lack confidence in communication.

In this article, Dermatologist Expert at Miss Tram VietNam It will directly advise on common acne skin conditions with different types of acne, which will help you find out Acne Treatment - Timeless - Safe and Effective.

What are the main causes and causes?

Causes come from within:

In puberty, high levels of sex hormones cause the sebaceous glands to function so that the pores become clogged. In addition, a few years before menopause, some women in the age of weeks, five weeks can also get acne due to hormonal changes abnormal.

Stress, stretching, lack of sleep

High sugar, high fat and hot spicy foods cause body heat

Due to heredity

Causes come from outside:

The dirt environment that accumulates on the skin is not cleaned

Change of water source

Cleanser, lotion, body lotion, care mask, sunscreen etc.

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Acne forms and develops rapidly if not treated promptly


Acne Scars

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Acne is a small dot, appear many areas of the nose, chin, cheeks make your skin rough, less smooth.


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This is a common acne that is common in all skin types. Blackheads form due to a mixture of lubricants, dirt and dead skin cells. Blackheads are usually hard seeds.

Blackheads usually focus on the T-zone and 2 on the cheek near the nose. Blackheads will make your pores bigger.


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+ Whiteheads are basically blackheads, the only difference is that whiteheads do not open pores, but the pores become clogged, because they are not exposed to air, so they do not change the color of the acne to black.

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+ Sebum is not actually acne, but because of the expression is quite a lot of you are confused.

+ The sebum is formed by a mixture of bacteria, lipid, sebum and dead cells around the hair follicle. Sebum is very similar to whiteheads, but when removed, it is small, long and white, not acne.

+ The sebaceous glands are common in the chin area under the lips and 2 on the nose edge. If the skin is normal, it will not see sebaceous glands, but when the skin is stretched, the white lilium heads grow together. Once the sebaceous glands are removed, the pore that contains the sebum will be filled in according to the skin replacement cycle.

Acne is hidden under the skin

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This is a type of acne developed when blackheads and whiteheads are inflamed, forming small red or pink pustules on the skin, usually not visible acne. Others hide under the skin, which can hardly be seen outside unless the skin is stretched or the scissors are visible.

This type of acne is very sensitive to touch, if you squeeze or squeeze acne will make the inflammation worse and can lead to scarring.

Acne Pimple, Acne Wrap

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Acne inflammation is a new development of hidden acne. Identification is similar to whiteheads with red surrounds and swelling. The bumps are often white or yellow pus in the side should look quite loud.

+ Absolutely not until the white head appears. Moreover, this is only the stage of acne near nine, if not exaggerate the infection will cause more severe infection and spread to the adjacent skin.

Acne U Headless

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+ Acne is more serious than acne pimples, acne grows deep inside the skin and very painful when formed. The most obvious manifestations of acne, inflammation of the hard to touch and do not see the acne.

Acne Eczema

This is the most severe form of acne. Cysts are very large, formed in each array, filled with deep pus in the skin and quite soft, look like the water ball.

As with acne, acne eczema is very painful if unfortunately hit. The risk of scarring, even very high pitted scars

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Hormonal acne is not fixed in any type of acne. However, we can identify endometrial acne through acne position and back cycle. Common endocrine acne develops around the mouth, chin and jaw and some other sites.

The following are some of the hormonal acne sites that will reveal to you some of the more common acne problems that the body is "alerting".

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The most common type of acne is acne vulgaris, from which you can fully describe the condition of acne that you are experiencing right at home.

Acne 1: Acne is mild

+ Types of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous glands and endocrine acne are listed in the group of mild acne by acne does not deep or inflammation. However, for acne endocrine if the recurrent and inflammatory condition is severe acne should be treated in time.

••• Advice: Keeping skin clean, exfoliating regularly and maintaining the habit of getting old acne outbreaks from 7 - 10 once a day to remove horn skin to help clear the skin.

••• Appropriate treatment: You can choose from several methods:

••• Acne, acne, blackheads

••• Intensive skin care

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Hypoallergenic skin acne bran to clear acne bran, blackheads

Duration of treatment: Maintenance 7 - 10 once / day

Cost: From 50,000đ - 250,000đ / times depending on the basis

Acne 2: Acne in the body

Acne vulgaris, headaches, acne cysts are acne types listed on the list of severe acne.

••• Advice: You should go to a reputable facility to have timely, safe and effective treatment with your current condition. For as long as bacteria invade deep below the skin will make the large inflammatory cavity will take time and cost of treatment, while leaving the acne scar aesthetic.

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You should go to a reputable facility for a prompt skin examination

••• Appropriate treatment:

••• Apply acne cream, take antibiotics

•••• advantage:

Reduce acne fairly quickly if your skin is suitable for acne cream or body adapt antibiotics.

•••• Disadvantages:

After stopping the cream or stopping the acne medication will return more severe than the original.

+ Skin resistance to acne cream if applied to maintain the skin for a long time

+ Taking antibiotics makes your body tired, body temperature is hot, dry lips peeling and affect the health.

If you take antibiotics over the prescribed period.

Cost: From 300,000đ - 1,000,000đ / times depending on the basis

••• Acne treatment by Green Laser / Blue Light, Oxygen Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology

•••• advantage:

+ Resolves the acne in a short time, light biology helps destroy acne, kill bacteria, relieve clog pores - the source of acne, reduce inflammation.

+ Easy to control the newly formed acne

+ The cost of treatment is quite cheap, suitable for all ages

•••• Disadvantages: Only solve acne on the surface of the skin. You should maintain regular skin care to control new acne as soon as possible.

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Duration of treatment: From 3 - 10 times depending on the skin

Cost: From 350,000đ - 1,500,000đ / times depending on the basis

••• Acne treatment by CO2 laser Fractional activation technology

•••• advantage:

Fractional Laser Co2 is a breakthrough technology in the field of skin repair and treatment - acne scars. The 10.600 nm wavelength has the potential to penetrate deep into the dermis without invading the surrounding healthy skin.

+ Removing bacteria that cause acne, regulating mucus on the skin and antibacterial.

+ CO2 laser stimulates collagen growth tissue to fill the skin of acne scars, while improving facial skin, firming skin, reducing dark spots, wrinkles, smooth and younger skin.

+ Not only clean acne, but also whitening pink skin smooth, tighten pores and regenerate healthy skin.

+ Acne recurrence level is low and the inflammatory condition of recurrent acne is minimized.

Acne Treatment By Pulse Impulse Technology Micro Point Effect
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•••• Disadvantages:

+ The effectiveness of treatment depends very much on the machine generation of each facility and the treatment products after the micro-points.

The cost of treatment is quite high compared to conventional acne treatment.

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Treatment time: From 1 - 5 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 2,000,000đ - 6,000,000đ / times depending on the basis

• Acne Syndrome: Acne can be very serious

Acne eczema is the most severe form of acne. With this acne condition, you should quickly go to the prestigious establishments, dermatological clinics for examination and examination as soon as possible to help suppress the sebaceous glands. You can not prolong or maintain this acne condition with conventional acne medications and face remedies from nature. Because root acne is now deep in the skin, persistent pus in the outer layer of the epidermis, can not beat off the acne breakout and can cause acne to develop further. Severe, skin can be infected.


Acne Treatments: Get a dermatologist to check the level of inflammation and then prescribe an intravenous drug with the same external skin treatment according to each condition.

Duration of treatment: From 3 - 6 months

Cost: From 10,000,000đ (depending on skin condition and treatment facility)

The dermatologist at Miss Tram has provided you with the most comprehensive overview of each type of acne and current treatments.

Accordingly, depending on your current skin status through 1 out of 9 acne type here you have to choose for yourself Treatment methods to save time and money spent on treatment.

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[Frequently Asked Questions on Acne Treatment]

Question 1: Hi, I have acne since puberty until now 22 age, I also go to treatment in many places but not all do not know why?

Missing you, here are some factors that make your acne condition not improve:

+ Do not thoroughly solve the problem of oily skin

Do not get proper acne treatment

Do not follow proper treatment

Do not follow up the acne on time

+ Manually squeeze acne, get the wrong way acne

+ Acne treatment at poor quality address

Maintaining bad habits: staying up late, eating hot items, or squeezing acne

Once verified to confirm the cause, you should go directly to the Center for a free skin examination and analysis. From there, your dermatologist will help you get the most accurate treatment regimen. E see the sharing of you have questions such as E nè:

Question 2: I was introduced to the Miss Tram treatment, asking her skin for a long time to get a new acne but leave it for a long time, so how should I treat it?

Hi, in my case, you can choose acne treatment technology such as Green Laser / Blue Light, Oxygen Jet technology, etc. to help control acne as soon as the formation. As you have consulted above, this is a method to improve the skin quite quickly and save money for me!

Question 3: I used acne laser treatment Fraxalum Fractional at base A but the results are not good. I see myself also do this method but the results as you share it beautiful but do not know what really worries.

Greetings E, as mentioned above, although the same treatment but depending on the machine life, origin of the machine, laser energy during treatment, professional skills and most importantly, When triggered micro is the decisive factor to the results after doing.

At the MissTrâm, CO2 Laser Fractional Rejuvenation Technology Combines Exclusive Herbal Eastern Herbal Recipes that stimulate collagen growth tissue to fill the skin of acne scars while improving skin problems, Helps skin firm, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smooth and younger skin.

Laser CO2 Fractional pulse micro-point helps to remove dead skin cells outside the skin, increasing collagen to help skin accelerate the regeneration process.

Combining Esoteric Herbal Medicine penetrates deep into each pimple, helps treat acne safely and naturally for a long time.

Safe for all skin types, short treatment time, no downtime.

Improving greasy, dark acne, skin color, blurring dark spots, bright and smooth skin, pink and white.

Long-term effect, preventing acne from coming back.

Also, if E worries that the image is not correct editing E is spent time to visit the Center to see you have been treated to feel safe!

Here is the share of Lua after finishing the course,

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Question 4: Tell me that acne is the root and not after the acne and then there is a recurrence?

Hello E, the topical acne treatment is the concept that removes the root cause of the current acne of E. Accordingly, before the start of treatment, the Center will visit the dermatologist and Skin Analysis for E to determine the level of skin and give the lowest results after the end of the course.

Normally after finishing the course, the acne level improves from 70 - 98% depending on acne condition. In addition, oily skin, pores, sensitivity levels, dented scars also improve very well.

However, after your skin is beautiful, E should also take care to maintain beautiful skin at extremely favorable rates and E can completely control acne at home according to the guidance of the Center !

Question 5: I am a student so the treatment condition is quite difficult, do not know the center of your support for students, students as we treat acne?

Welcome E, E for more than 17 years in the profession, Miss Tram always maintain acne treatment program for future generations. All of you are students and students are supported treatment costs from 10 - 20% on the price has been promoted nhé!

E arranges study time and weekend to visit for examination, skin examination and skin analysis in time, the Center will guide you to the appropriate treatment and skin care program, E soon to regain confidence With beautiful skin!

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