Should Acne Under The Skin Should BE HEAVY?

Answers to the Question: "Should Acne Under the Skin Should BE HEAVY?".

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The subject is too practical, isn't it?

Not every find acne will find ways to squeeze them out okay, especially for hidden acne. Because it is easy to treat them on their own, making skin conditions worse:

Acne tools at home are not necessarily disinfected and hygienic. Meanwhile at the Professional Spa, the process of squeezing acne takes place very KHEE. REQUIRED technicians use sterilized tools and gloves to prevent bacteria from getting into the skin.

The habit of using your hands to squeeze acne accidentally opens the way for the bacteria to spread, making it easy for the acne to spread to the surrounding skin because you did not know that there are about 150 different types of bacteria on each hand.

VIt's not the right technique and expertise for acne to affect skin structure, cause deep damage to skin cells, and we won't be sure that the acne core has been completely removed.

Besides, we will often think of "using strong force, the acne will be removed thoroughly". This thought is completely wrong! Because when using too strong force to squeeze acne will cause serious skin damage, destroying the layers of cells under the skin.

In addition, the right time to play hide acne is also very important, only when acne is old and able to protrude out, you can squeeze it.

In this case, Miss Tram advises you to go to prestigious dermatological centers or beauty salons to be treated with new technology and safe, hygienic instruments.

For skin care and treatment issues, at Miss Tram there are always advanced and modern methods and technologies suitable for each skin type, each suitable procedure that you can choose:

- Acne Treatment - Penetration - Tighten pores with Fractional CO2 Laser.
- Treatment of pitted scars by the method of splitting the bottom of the scar + Oriental medicine Regenerating the skin.
- Acne Treatment - Intensive - Pitted Scar - Skin Recovery - Skin color - Brightening.
- Tighten pores, bright skin with new generation Laser.
- Regulating sebum, bright white, eliminating skin toxins.
- Treatment of keloid scars by renewable collagen micro needle method.
- Eliminate burnt roots with Laser Yag technology.
- Skin care before the wedding.

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